I Grew Up With You (Taylor Caniff Fan Fiction)

Mitzilyn Mathers grew up spending hours and hours with a guy named Taylor Caniff. They were best friends. They always hung out. But in the beginning of middle school year, Mitzilyn's family moved to Florida and she had to leave Taylor and all her memories behind. As Mitzi continued her life, she started a girl band with her best friends that she met in Florida. Six years later, Mitzi and her band become apart of the MAGCON Family. But she didn't expect to see her best guy friend that she hasn't seen sense 7th grade on the same tour she's going on.


14. Chapter 13: Social Attack

~ Mitzilyn's P.O.V ~
I woke up around 6:30 a.m. I felt like I was hit by a train twelve times. My head was pounding like a live hammer trying to break through my skull. My eyes slowly fluttered open. And I instantly heard my hotel door open. I looked towards the doorway to see Cameron slowly walking in.
"Hey, Mitz." He said.
Nice, I have a nickname now.
"Hey, Cami-Coo." I laughed.
He laughed and held his stomach.
"Is that my new nickname?" He laughed.
"Haha, yep. You give me one, I give you one." I explained.
"I see. So how ya feeling?" He asked, walked over to my bed and sitting at the end. I sat up and remembered my arm. What that whore did to it. I lifted up my sleeve and looked at the long dark cuts that were almost what looks like eight inches long. See, THIS is why I clip my nails. Or if she wore fake Dracula claws.....
"Damn. It still looks bad." Cameron said holding my arm.
"Yeah." I said.
When he turned my arm a little, I flinched. I felt a quick sharp pain in my wrist.
"She should be arrested for this shit. It's complete assault." He said.
My phone blew up instantly with notifications on FaceBook. I used my free hand and grabbed my phone. The notifications were from a couple of 'skanks'. At least thats what it seemed like. They had terrible posts. They were all sexual and skanky. Like what the hell. They were sending me messages that weren't exactly 'friendly' either.
A tear fell from my eye. I mean, I've gotten messages like these before, but they weren't have as bad as this. This was just insane. Cameron looked at me and took my phone. He scrolled through the scowling messages. His expression changed from sad, to extremely pissed in less than a second. He heard my faint cry and pulled me into a hug.
I heard the door open and Taylor's voice came up.
"What happened?!" He yelled and ran over to me.
"Look!" Cameron said and tossed my phone to him.
Taylor quickly went through the messages and threw my phone on the bed. You could tell he was even MORE pissed than Cameron.
"I know that bitch. She's one of Ashley's friends." He said.
It was all clear now. Taylor say down next to me on my bed and held me so tight. I cried into his arms.
Why would someone actually send that type of messages to me. But I should've expected it, coming from one of Ashley's friends. She obviously told her to do that. Why doesn't she just face me like a real bitch? Oh, thats right. She doesn't have the dick to.
"I'll never let anyone hurt you. I love you." Taylor said, squeezing me tight.
"Thank you." I said through tears.
Well, this was going to be a fun ride. Because this is only the beginning.

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