I Grew Up With You (Taylor Caniff Fan Fiction)

Mitzilyn Mathers grew up spending hours and hours with a guy named Taylor Caniff. They were best friends. They always hung out. But in the beginning of middle school year, Mitzilyn's family moved to Florida and she had to leave Taylor and all her memories behind. As Mitzi continued her life, she started a girl band with her best friends that she met in Florida. Six years later, Mitzi and her band become apart of the MAGCON Family. But she didn't expect to see her best guy friend that she hasn't seen sense 7th grade on the same tour she's going on.


13. Chapter 12: I Swear

~Mitzilyn's P.O.V~

Ashley's eyes were dark as the ocean at night. As they stared me down, I felt dizzy. She stepped closer to me. Her fists clenching in anger.

"Ha ummmm. Time to go!" I said as I bolted outside to the car. As I rushed past her, I felt her nails collide with the skin on my arm. I felt a quick sharp pain as I let out a small yelp.

I yelled as Taylor and Nash turned around and looked at me. Taylor ran towards me and hugged me to protect me from Ashley. Nash came behind Taylor and stepped in front of us. Ashley came to a stop when she in countered Nash.

"Move!" She yelled as she tried to get past him. But his strength held her back as she tried to break free.

"Leave her alone. She didn't do anything to you!" Nash demanded.

"She stole Taylor from me!" She yelled in Nash's face.

"No, Taylor just grew old of you telling him what to do. Trying to control him and make him stop hanging out with his best friend that he hasn't seen in almost 6 years. It's time to let go. I know it's hard but you can't do that to a guy." Nash explained in a quieter voice.

Ashley stopped struggling to run at me. She just stopped and stared. Her eyes were in flames. Hot red like a tomato. She slowly turned around and walked away carefully. Her hands were red and her veins popped out.

At the doors of the building, there were girls standing there. With their phones out recording. Great. Guess what's gonna go viral.

Taylor held me in his arms as he faced me. His face was red and his eyes looked like he was exhausted.

"Mitzi, you look shook up. And your shaking. Are you okay? Did she hurt you?" He said as he scanned my body for marks.

I stayed quiet as he stared at my arm. I looked down to see a huge scrape with a gush of blood coming out. The scrape was at least nine inches long. And it showed up pretty damn good. I looked back up at Taylor with a sad expression. I felt like I was about to cry. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I didn't mean for her to attack me. A tear fell from my eye as I struggled to breathe. Taylor pulled me close and hugged me for a while.

All the girls at the door were still recording. They stood in shock. Distinct chatter rose among the crowd.

"Come on, let get back to the hotel. Everyone is there so we can leave." Nash said as he opened the passenger seat door for me. I slowly left Taylor's arms as I slowly walked towards the door and sat in the car. Taylor walked over to the driver seat and started the car up. Nash sat behind me in the back.

I looked at the crowd of girls as the car slowly left the building. We headed back to the hotel.

"I swear I never want to see that girl again." Taylor said with a stern voice.

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