I Grew Up With You (Taylor Caniff Fan Fiction)

Mitzilyn Mathers grew up spending hours and hours with a guy named Taylor Caniff. They were best friends. They always hung out. But in the beginning of middle school year, Mitzilyn's family moved to Florida and she had to leave Taylor and all her memories behind. As Mitzi continued her life, she started a girl band with her best friends that she met in Florida. Six years later, Mitzi and her band become apart of the MAGCON Family. But she didn't expect to see her best guy friend that she hasn't seen sense 7th grade on the same tour she's going on.


11. Chapter 10: I Have Your Love

~ Mitzilyn's P.O.V ~

I held Taylor's hand as we walked back to the room we slept in. I opened the door and led him to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel from my bag and wet it in the sink. I rang it out and dabbed the spot of blood that was on Taylor's right cheek. It was from when Ashley was slapping and punching Taylor. I swear, he was too much respect for women. He just stood there and let her attack him. He didn't throw a punch or anything. He flinched as I dabbed the towel on his cheek.

"Sorry." I said.

"Its fine. And thanks for protecting me." He said.

"Don't worry about it. You were just standing up for yourself. You just weren't protecting yourself. You have too much respect for women." I giggled.

"Its just.....women are so delicate and I'm scared I miss treat them, then I won't earn they're love. And what's a guy without love?" He explained. I stopped dabbing his cheek and looked into his eyes.

"Well Ashley doesn't deserve your love. She too much of a brat." I said.

"Your right. I have better, your love." Taylor said as his brown eyes twinkled.

I couldn't resist. He threw the towel on the ground and crashed my lips into his. He grabbed my waist and put me on the bathroom counter. I ran my hands through his soft brown hair. He guided my legs around his waist. He lifted me up and locked the room entrance door without breaking from the kiss. He brought me over to the bed and lied me on my back. HIs hands traveled up my side. He slipped his fingers under my bra strap which was exposed cause I was wearing a tank top. He fiddled with the strings and pulled them down. I put my hands on his chest as I groped his tank top. But I pulled away. He stared into my eyes with guilt

"I'm so sorry, Mizi!" He said.

"Its fine, Taylor. I love you." I smiled.

He kissed my cheek and we lied on the bed and I took a long nap in his arms.

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