crash landing

what happens when the worlds most famous boy band crashes into your back yard and they were told to go to school as freshman? well Erin and Bebhan Horgan from connectiut have had this happened to them and this is there story of romance love and an acclimation to new surroundings.


3. Wait you swim?

The girls let one direction and their body guards Padrig an Paul inside and gave them hot chocolate, and let them sit in front of the roaring fire place. " where do you girls go to school. " Zayn asked. 
" we go to sacred heart in waterbury. " Erin replied. " it starts at seven and we need to get you guys some warmer clothes and your uniforms. They are really nice. Maybe after our swim practice we can take you to Denis's school uniform store. Although first you have to register."
"Wait you guys swim?" Niall asked.
" yeah," Bebhan said checking her watch. "And I you don't mind I have to excuse myself to get ready. My parents will be momentarily. Then we leave for practice."
"Can I come? I always wanted to swim in a swim team. But I couldn't because of touring and we didn't live by a swim team." Niall asked. 
" do you have a suit?" Bebhan responded. 
"Obviously, what would we do in Florida if we didn't have a bathing suit?" Louis asked. 
" ewww!!! Don't make me think about it! That's nasty!" Erin said. 
" yeah I guess u can come. Tim's very strict though. Ill have fun watching u keep up. Get changed and meet me in the garage in seven minutes." Bebhan said. With that she ran upstairs put on her jammer, drag suit, and lifeguard suit and a pair of grey sweat pants that said Seaton Hall Swimming on it. She threw on a holy cross swimming t- shirt and he Connecticut swimming jacket. She got down stairs to the garage as her dad pulled up. Erin Niall and Harry were right behind her as they jumped into the car and drove to the YMCA. 





Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been very busy. I hope u liked the chapter. 


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