crash landing

what happens when the worlds most famous boy band crashes into your back yard and they were told to go to school as freshman? well Erin and Bebhan Horgan from connectiut have had this happened to them and this is there story of romance love and an acclimation to new surroundings.


2. Unexpected visitors

It was December 14 two weeks before Christmas break and waterbury called a snow day because there was a foot of snow outside. Erin and Bebhan were shoveling their driv way so the could go to swim practice. Basically the were throwing snow at each other, but shoveling while they did. All of a sudden, they hear a crash and a cracking of trees coming from their back yard. It was noon and they were home alone because their parents went shopping. They ran back to see what happened, and in their backyard was a private jet that hit the farmland behind their house. Most places in Watertown are like complexes of houses, but the Horgans lived in the remote area of Watertown where farmland wasn't uncommon. Although they didn't use it, the farmland was useful of when the played outside, giving their dogs more room to frolic around. Now in the farmland was a jet that was smoking and looked like it fell out of the sky. Bebhan decided to go and open the hatch, but before she got to it, someone from inside opened the emergency exit window and climbed out. There were five boys in shorts an hoodies. A weird combination even for people who lived in waterbury. They also had dark black sunglasses. 
"Um. Hi I'm Bebhan and this is my sister Erin. Who at you and why are you in our backyard?" She asked politely. 
" we are one direction, please don't tell anyone. And we crashed because we ran out of gas. We were told we had to go to school as year nine kids in America. I'm sorry about this but can we reside at your house for a while. We have nowhere to go. Plus we can't drive legally here. " Liam said. The knew it was Liam because he took off his hood and glasses. 
" un yeah sure. It's jut that we go to a private school so there Is tuition and well you would have to clear staying here with our parents" Erin said. " Bevy, we have to finish shoveling before they get home. And it's almost 12:30. "
" oh let us do that love. It's the bet we can do for your hospitality. " Harry said, throwing on sweatpants from his suitcase. He ran to the front yard with Niall, and shoveled the rest of the drive way. 


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