crash landing

what happens when the worlds most famous boy band crashes into your back yard and they were told to go to school as freshman? well Erin and Bebhan Horgan from connectiut have had this happened to them and this is there story of romance love and an acclimation to new surroundings.


1. The twins

   Erin and Bebhan Horgan were identical twins born on the luckiest day for the Irish people... St. Patrick's day, March 17. they both had long dirty strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and freckles, or angle kisses as their mother liked to call them. they were both tall and athletic and worked hard in school, but that's where their similarities ended.

  Bebhan was five minutes older and was a down to earth student who handed in projects early just because. her best friend molly was an out going girl which made Bebhan, who was usually shy and soft spoken more out going. she loved a long hard workout in the pool and spent next to another hour doing dry land exercises because it was her goal to make it to the Olympics. she also loved to read anything from and informative essay to a murder mystery novel. but most of all, Bebhan wanted to be a doctor so she could help other people, or an artist because she was told her drawings were amazing.

   Erin was an out going girl on her own, and her best friend Lindsey was very popular, which made Erin popular. Erin worked hard at school, but was a HUGE procrastinator, and barely finished her projects on time. She would rater talk about boys or fashion than do her actual schoolwork. while Bebhan focused solely on swimming, Erin could be seen playing everything from cricket to volleyball, anything she found interest in. she was a true directioner, and could tell you the most random fact on any given day. she was always on her phone or computer on some social media network, or texting Lindsey. Erin didn't really know what she wanted to do with her life, she just wanted to live in the moment.

  they were the oldest siblings in their family of seven, Logan, being the newborn. together they did most of the chores like shoveling the drive way and walkways, sweeping, laundry and dishes. Bebhan mowed the lawn, while Erin worked in the garden. they argued because that's what sisters do, but when they needed it, they were each others shoulder to cry on

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