Little Bundle of Joy

Toni Grimes, Niall Horans best friend, is faced with a baby entering her life. Niall doesn't know and will he ever? She struggles with being a 19 year old mom, being in absolute love with a guy millions of people love, and being stuck between doing wrong and right.


1. waking up and seeing her eyes

Toni Grimes sat up in bed, sharp pains coming from her stomach as she punched the little nurse button on the bed remote. What was happening? Was the baby already coming?

She thought she was ready to bring a baby into the world without having the support of the dad but it turns out she wouldn't, it would be her doing it on her own.

A doctor came in, smiling at her. Then she said it. It was time.

An hour later, at 2:45 that morning, Addy Nicole Grimes came into the world screaming and was placed into waiting arms.

Toni looked down at her and could tell the resemblance immediately.

She had a small button nose, dirty blond hair, and pale skin. She was small like she was at birth, but when she opened her blue eyes she knew there was no denying she was her best friends.

Of course she didn't regret the little baby in her arms. She regretted who and how.

Of course, Toni was out of school and living in a small apartment with her 16 year old sister Cameron. She gets money every week from her dead beat mom and rich dad for keeping her sister up so she would be home 24/7 with Addy now.

She had just moved in when he arrived back in town with his four friends. He came over and they were so happy, so excited to see each other. It was the heat of the moment thing. Under the moon by the old school they made rushed love, not even bothering to use protection. He left two days later and she was left alone with a positive pregnancy test.

The small baby made a sound and the doctors came in to take her information. Now was the decision time. What last name.

" Ms. Grimes, we have to take her for blood test and to check her over. In the meantime we need to get her name and your signature." The doctor said and Toni handed her baby to a nurse, wincing at the pain.

" I will call out the information and you make sure it's right. Eyes, blue. Hair, dirty blond. Weight, 6.5 pounds. Length, 26.7 inches."

" Correct."

" What is that little bundle of joys name?" The doctor asked and she took a deep breath.

" Addy Nicole Horan." She breathed out and there it was. Addy will have her fathers name.

Toni looked out the dark window at the busy street and cried silently. What was she going to do?


A/N: So should I keep going or just stop? I need some feedback because I'm also working on a Lucius Malfoy fanfic and if this ain't going to go anywhere then I'm just gonna stop. So let me know if you would like me to go on or what. Thanks. xx

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