Little Bundle of Joy

Toni Grimes, Niall Horans best friend, is faced with a baby entering her life. Niall doesn't know and will he ever? She struggles with being a 19 year old mom, being in absolute love with a guy millions of people love, and being stuck between doing wrong and right.


2. He came back.

" Toni, Addy is crying and I can't get her I stop." Cameron said, walking into the bathroom with the now 2 week old baby. Toni took her into her arms, softly cooing and rocking her until she stopped crying and fell asleep.

" You can't just hold her.. You need to rock her a little." She said and came took her, letting Toni finish getting ready to go.

Today was the first day of spring and the weather was nice, so a promised trip to Nandos was in order.

Toni went over her straight brown hair once more before looking at herself in the mirror. She smiled and pulled up her shirt, revealing no stretch marks. She had been going to the gym, trying to keep the baby weight from coming, and it had been well. She could still fit into her size 2 jeans and wear her old clothes, something she was happy for. She slipped on her flats, grabbed the diaper bag and her keys, and headed down to get Addy in the car.

The drive to Nando's wasn't that far, and being a regular, the wait wasn't that long. They were seated at a booth in the back, away from the crazy people that had to come to Niall's favorite restaurant. Addy was asleep in her car seat, Cam was reading something on her phone, and Toni couldn't stop looking at all the pictures on the wall. There was a lot of them that had her and Niall in them since they use to come here as kids, never leaving until after hours and seven shakes to many. She smiled and looked over at her- their baby.

" One Direction is in town." Cameron said and handed her the phone, showing why so many girls were there.

" Do you think he will come?" Toni asked and Cam shrugged, leaning back into the booth and scrolling some more.

" I'm not ready to face him yet.." She said, speaking to soon. Millions of screams and " get backs " were heard as the five boys appeared and were placed at the table in the center of the room, Toni having perfect view.

" Maybe if we act like we don't see them, that's a way to not get noticed, right?" I said and she nodded, holding the menu in front of her face.

" What if he comes over here? And he sees Addy.."

" Cameron! I am sticking to my story. He can't know. Okay? No matter what." Toni snapped and Addy began to stir. Quickly she un-buckled her and lifted her into her arms, watching as she opened her eyes and gave her a gummy smile before closing her big blue eyes again.

" We don't need no boy, do we?" Toni cooed, smiling at her little baby in her arms.

" Toni?"

Shit. It was Niall. Toni couldn't look away from Addy, Niall was so close.

" Toni.. Are you going to talk to me?" Slowly she lifted her head and met his blue eyes.

" How long have you been here, mate?" He asked and she shrugged.

" Umm.. Ten minutes maybe.."

" Why didn't you come over? We could of made.." He stopped, looking down at Addy.

" Babysitting?" He asked and Toni looked at him like he was stupid. His mom didn't tell him.

" No, she's mine..." Niall's eyes widened and he tried to look closer, but Toni shifted her to where she was lying on her shoulder.

" Where's your boyfriend?" He asked and Cameron stopped texting, looking up at Niall.

" He.. He left when he found out I was pregnant.." She stuttered and then she knew how stupid she was. He could put two and two together.. She had his last name for Christ sakes.

" What's her name?" He asked and Toni tucked her hair behind her ear.

" Addy Nicole." She said and he nodded, looking over at the waiter who was trying to put the food on the table.

" I'll.. I will let you eat, alright? Maybe later we can catch up? All of us will be here for a week, then the boys are leaving and going to see family, then we are touring in our home towns. This is my week.." He said and I noticed how different his accent was.

" That would be nice.. I'll.. Talk to you later. Text me, alright." Toni said and he smiled, kissing her and Cams forehead before looking to the baby in her arms one more time and walking away.

" that could of been bad.. He's going to find out." Cam said and Toni nodded, her hands trembling slightly.

" We just.. Can't let him know.." She said and looked over to the blond headed boy who was looking at her.

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