1. chapter one

"I don't know what to do anymore!" You say as you grabbed your blade. "I'm giving up." You shouted. You went to the kitchen and right when you got there, your dad walked in. "Av? Why do you have a blade?" He asked. You had to think quick. "I… I just…" you couldn't even finish. You dropped to the ground. I hate it. I hate myself. I'm sorry I couldn't handle this. All you thought about was your flaws, your insecurities. Your dad bent down and kissed your forehead. "Avalon. Please don't give up. I know with your mom gone, and your boyfriend breaking up with you, your depressed. You don't have to do this. I don't want you to do this." You nod and hug him tight. "I love you dad. I would be nowhere without you." You wiped your tears and ran to your room to go shower. When you came down, a huge bowl if ice cream was waiting. You turned to see your dad making himself a bowl.

"Look, I don't care if I hurt you! I'm never going to love you! Your ugly! Christina is sexy and your not!" Jacob your ex yelled. Christina was your bestfriend. She ditched you to be with Jacob and "new people that care" you knew it was bullshit. You go to school with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomilinson, and Niall Horan. You have a huge crush on Liam. But he'll never notice. There your friends and you guys love eachother to death. "Why are you doing this?!" Liam yells. "Why? Babe your perfect!" He's talking about your scars. "Maybe because you don't love me like I love you!" Your face turns red. Liam and the rest of the boys go silent. You get up and walk to the corner of the lunch room, sit on the floor, and eat by yourself. "This is why I fucking hate myself!" You mumble.

Later that night, you get a text from Liam. "Babe open up 😏" A smile quickly spreads on your face. "Hey baby!" You said as you opened the door. He quickly ran up to you, picked you up, and carried you to the bed. "Babe I think I love you more." He said as he left hickeys down your neck. "Li-Liam." You moaned. He smoothed his hand down your body to your skinny jeans. He slipped two fingers in and felt your clit. "Wet already?" He said laughing. He slowly pulled down your jeans leaving a trail of kisses down your legs. He went back up and got your panties and pulled those down. He pushed you on the bed and got undressed. You got back up so he can take off your shirt. "Baby! Nice body!" He told you. He took off your bra and shirt and masagued your breasts. You let out a loud moan. "Av! Dinner!" Your dad yelled. "Shit! Coming" you yelled. "Can Li stay?" You asked. "Whateva makes you happy!" "Babe we gotta get dressed." You told him. Two or three minutes later you two were walking down the stairs. "Hey!" Liam calls. "How ya doin?" Your dad asks. "Hope you like steak!" He yelled

"That's alright with me!" Liam told him. You guys ate and went to watch a movie. "Wanna watch The Devil Inside?" You ask them while flipping through the movie rack. "Um sure." Your dad said. You got a purple blanket and Liam pulled up the footrest. You sat in between his legs. When the movie ended, it was 11:30. He left and you went to go get ready. You took a shower, got your pajamas; a "You can't sit with us" over the shoulder shirt, and black shorts.

That night you get a text... But not from Liam, but from Harry. "Liam is gonna hurt you. I know because he told me. Please just come over." That's strange. "Haz, he's not gonna..." You deleted that whole text. Well I guess I'm having some late night Hazza time. You got into your dads 57 Chevy and drove to Harry's. All of me came on and all you thought about was Jacob singing that to you. A tear shedded down your cheek as you pulled into his driveway. "Av," he said appologecticly. "No it's fine. What is he gonna do?" You asked. "Av... It's what he already did..." "WHAT THE FUCK DID HE DO?!"

He looks at you, but not the usual way. He looks depressed and lost. "I don't need to know." He just stares at the ground. "Haz, Haz what's wrong with you?" I start to get worried, I've never seen him sad before. Yet cry before. I don't know what to do so I dial Louis's number. But before I hit call, Harry comes and kisses me. I couldn't help but kiss him back, it's Harry Styles! But what would Liam say; should I keep it secret or tell him? I don't even know what to do anymore... We kissed for about three minutes and that was an amazing three minutes. When he pulls away, he says "You need an Instagram, now" "Alrighty, let's make me an Instag..." I couldn't even finish "Babe where you at?" It's Liam. "I'm at Harry's making an Instagram, why?" I replied. It took him a long time to reply... I wonder what he's saying. "Look, I know he's gonna tell you something... It's not true... I never slept with her, I was drunk and we just made out. We didn't have sex!" I look at Harry. "AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME? YOU KNOW WHAT? WERE THROUGH, HAVE FUN WITH THAT SLUT... BE CAREFUL, DONT GET STD'S" my lip starts trembling. I can't cry; not here. "Av.." I just shake my head. "FUCK YOU BITCH. I ALWAYS HATED YOU." Harry grabs my phone. "Yeah this is Harry, and she's mine. Have fun with Christina." He gives me back my phone... "Chris... Christina?" I scream. "IM FUCKING DONE" I scream again "I WANNA DIE...just die" Harry looks at me and a tear rolls down his cheek. "I wouldn't be able to live with out you, don't leave please." Harry grabs me and goes on top of me. "God, your so fucking lucky I love you," I say between breaths.

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