Concert Tickets


3. Chapter 3

*middle of concert*

"I really never did understand the fans screaming to the bands ant concerts" Hannah said to me "wait 3years to hear them and yell at them so nobody can hear their idols" all I can say is yeah before I burst out in tears from laughing. Hannah is the only person that understands me and can be weird with me. that's what you love most about her. the only bad part was that she didn't like one direction, so it was a challenge to get her to come with me.

*almost the end*

the whole time they were singing Hannah mocked them while I fell in love with Nialls laugh.

while they sang MM Niall got half way through his short solo and stopped. he just looked straight towards me and Hannah. I told Hannah "see I told you that you shouldn't mock them" she told me that she knows and shouts up that she is sorry. Niall kept looking, but now straight at Hannah with a confused look.

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