Brother. Abused. Coma. Dead. Alive. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. These are the only things that I understood. I also have a big secret that no one can know about. It is ... (ps this is my first story so dont kill me if its bad)


1. Under the Surface

I cant see. I cant move. I cant talk. I can only hear. I heard that someone is on a coma and might not make it. Who is that person? Is it me? No, it cant possibly be me. Is it one of my parents or do I have parents? Do I have a little brother or sister that is worried for me? I need to find out and to find out I need to wake up. Suddenly my head starts to hurt. Then blackness.

Harry's POV

I was laying beside her, praying for her to wake up to see her beautiful brown eyes pop open, when I heard the beeps from the machine slow down. "Doctor!!!! Help I think something is going wrong!" I yelled for the doctor to save her from dying. "Sir you need to get out of the room imediently!" The nurse who came with the doctor told me. "Why?! I want to see her! I want to know she is ok!" I yelled back at her. "We will tell you. As soon as we know what it is we will tell you imediently. Just calm down and we will let you know." The nurse said back. I went into the waiting room to call the guys and tell them what happened.

"Hey Zayn. Something is happening to Brianna and I dont know what it is!" I told him.

"Harry, calm down. Shes probably just fine. Maybe she woke up and got scared so the machines went crazy." He said.

"Ok, are the guys there with you?"

"Yeah, I'll tell them for you."

"Thanks. I got to go the nurse is gonna tell me whats wrong." I hung up.

The nurse told me something that made my heart shatter and fall to the basement. Brianna was dead. "May I see her?" I asked praying that the nurse was playing a sick joke on me. She said ok. I followed her back to the room Brianna was in and it was true. Brianna looked lifeless with her limp body on the bed. I started sobbing. I cant belive it. The love of my life is dead. She died 5 months before our wedding.

I walked up to Brianna's bed and held her cold hand. Then the boys walked in. "What happened?" Louis asked. "She's ......... Dead." I said quietly. I started crying into Louis's shoulder. Now my life has absolutly no meaning now without her in it.

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