Brother. Abused. Coma. Dead. Alive. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. These are the only things that I understood. I also have a big secret that no one can know about. It is ... (ps this is my first story so dont kill me if its bad)


2. How I Got Here

Brianna's POV

I was woken feeling weird. I feel something warm against my forehead. Wait a minute..... I felt something!!!! Maybe I can try opening my eyes! Slowly instead of seeing darkness I see blinding white. "You're awake!" I hear someone yell then feel lips crash into mine. I push the person away. "Who are you?!" I yell demanding an answer. I was actully kind of scared. "Ello love dont you remember me?" Some curly haired guy asked me.

I look around and see 4 other guys behind him. "If I knew you why would I ask who you are? Who are you?" The curly haired guy had a few tears running down his face. "You really dont know who I am?" He said between tears. I felt bad for him. I wish I could say yes but I couldnt. Besides, how can I say I know someone I have never seen in my life? "Im sorry but I dont know you. I have never seen you people before in my life so can you leave me alone." I said to the boy. He looked heartbroken. Then, I saw the ring.

Harry's POV

She doesnt now who I am? Im the person she has loved for the past 3 years and is engaged to. Im the one who took her virginity. I cant let her slip away from me. Nothing can come between me and her, not even a memory loss.

"Do you want to know how you got here?" I asked her. She should at least know how this tragety happened.

"Of course I want to know! I've just woken up to a room full of STRANGERS!" She shot back. The word "stranger" officially broke me. I'm not a stranger. I wake up to her beautiful body next to me every morning. Not any more.

"Ok. So, your parents used to abuse you. They told you if you ever told someone, they would kill you." I told her. I watched as her face turned to terror and shock. "Your sister, Julissa, blamed everything on you so you would get beat. Then, you decided to run away and call the cops. Your parents were arrested and your sister fled the country. You wandered off and met us. We took you in. You and I started dating until 2 1/2 years later I proposed to you." I pointed to the ring on her left hand. As she stared at the ring I continued. "Then, when you were coming home, Julissa ran over you with a truck. You broke several bones and hit your head about 5-9 times."

I will get Julissa back for this. Even if its the last thing I do, I thought.

Brianna's POV

After hearing the gruesome story about how I got in the hospital, I felt something tingling at the back of my mind. Suddenly, I hear everyone talking at once like I'm standing in the middle of Times Square during rush hour. I hear someone say,"I hope she is ok. She looks pretty beat up after the incident." Someone else, who seems far away barely whispered," This patient needs to take another blood test." I dont know whats happening to me. No one seems to be moving their mouths. Thats strange, I thought. "When can I get out of this pothole?" I asked to no one in particular. "You can leave in 3 weeks or until your surgery is complete." The doctor said coming in.

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