A weekend with harry looking after my sister

lots of sex talk and romance behind my little sisters back


3. Sunday night

Hollie decides to play in her room so me and harry watch TV and snuggle on the sofa.

Later on 

Well I'm going to bed haz are you coming I asks harry shrugs no I'm going to watch sport for a hour harry says and I kiss him and go upstairs and get ready for bed and call chloe she anwers the phone and says what's up I reply by saying hi its Larry nothings up but me and harry are looking for are own howse how is you and Dabie going I ask well we get pissed loads we are naked loads and have sex loads Chloe says let guess with no potection i ask yep chloe replys so does that mean ypu might be pregers i ask maby chloe replys harry walks in saying who is pregers no one haz i shout chloe asks is that harry yep i reply he needs a mustash chloe says well thats too bed that he shaved to day i say chloe replys ow but he needs one though so what are your plans then for toight I ask sex Chloe replus you she asks errm could be the same harry looks ready I say oww let me guess he is nakes Chloe says yep I say he shure is what the fuck are you doing haz look I need to go will call you back and hung up harry walks over to the bed what he asks why were you pretending to wank i ask to get you off the phone harry says getting into bed I kiss harry night and go to sleep


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