A weekend with harry looking after my sister

lots of sex talk and romance behind my little sisters back


2. Sunday in the day

the next morning

we both get woken up to hollie saying get up you two im bored i groan go watch tv in hear i snuggle up to harry and go back to sleep i get woken up again by hollie hitting me and saying stop snoring i groan o my god hollie go away i say loudly hum harry says in a sexy morning voice whats up with you and harry pulls me in close hollie is being annoying i say and look at the time it was on ten o clock what are we doing to day hazzie i say er harry reply's why don't we go shopping i need some new jeans and boxers and you should get some hot underwear i raise my eye brow and say OK haz hollie asks can we get up im hungry i groan ow but hazza is so warm and snugly why don't you go get dressed and by then we should be up hollie nods and goes and gets dressed right i say lets get up ow harry groans i want to stay in bed no haz i say and get out of bed and choose my out fit and throw harry some boxers to him so be both were now in underwear harry walks up behind me and hugs me and kisses my neck harry stop i groan so he stops and picks out some trousers and i put my outfit on and go downstairs and start getting breakfast hollie comes down and asks one question what were you two doing last night nothing i stutter really hollie replys and harry comes down shirtless whats going on harry asks nothing i say and we all get breakfast

later on

no haz i want to drive i say i want to harry says fine i groan and give in and let him drive so we drive to the small shopping center and go into mataln  i start looking at underwear and harry goes and looks at trousers and boxers and hollie stays with me hollie asks what is the point in all this lacy   underwear well i say just looks good i pick some out and go find harry i walk up to him and ask how are you going go he replys i found some trousers and boxers so lets go pay so we pay i look at the time harry can we stop and get lunch i say so he pulls in at a cafe and we get some food when we had finished we got in the car i have one last stop says harry and parks the car and holds hands with me we enter a house shop ow haz and kiss him hollie groans owww this is boring we sit down and arrange to look at a few of the houses and head home

at home

i start making tea and harry comes up behind me and hugs me we start kissing im going in the shower harry says do you want to have one together later maybe  i say but you need a shave i say stroking his check and pull him in for a kiss and harry goes off for a bath i finish making tea and put it in the oven i go upstairs and knock on the bath room door harry shouts come in i open the door and sit on the side of the bath well i would kiss you haz but i don't fancy getting shaving foam everywhere harry finishes shaving can i wash you hair i ask harry nods i love doing his hair its so sweat so i wash his hair for him when i had done harry gets out and gets dyed and puts on some loose clothes and i go and finish of tea and we all eat 



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