A weekend with harry looking after my sister

lots of sex talk and romance behind my little sisters back


1. Saturday night

Me and harry were at my granny’s when I get a text from my aunt can you look after your sis this weekend because we are going for a short brake I text back saying ok we will be round in a hour who was that harry asks my ant we are stopping there for weekend looking after Hollie I say and start to get my things together and so does harry we say bye to my granny and set off me get there and my aunt and uncle we saying there byes so we wave them off I right what are we going to do Hollie shouts watch a movie what one I ask erm Hollie reply’s monsters ink i nod and harry shrugs and says at least it’s not sex in the city why I say sitting on the sofa just is harry reply’s and we start watching the movie harry puts his head in my lap i lean over and kiss him and say are you bored Hun he nods and I start to play with his hair harry ends up falling asleep aww I say Hollie asks what look at harry I say he looks so cute and look at the time right Hollie you need to go to bed so night and Hollie goes up to bed right I say what are we doing going up or watching TV erm well shall we go to bed and kiss and maybe make love harry reply’s what do you mean by make love haz I say seductively come hear harry says and pushes me on to my back and starts passionately kissing me and giving me love bites i mumble hum hazza and pull his shirt off and flip us over so i was on top so i start kissing him harry pulls my top off and takes my bra off and starts massaging my boobs i move further down to harrys boxer line and lick his v lines harry flinches under my touch i slowly undo harry's pants letting his hard on free i start to go down on him but he stops me by saying no i want to make this slow so he flips us over and pulls off my pants and puts his dick in me ow fuck haz and harry groans your always so tight form brom and starts thrusting into me and kissing me passionately i groan hazza are you close harry grunts i am to so are you ready do we both cum and then colaps on to each other and catch are breaths wow haz i say that was the best sex ever and really sexy i say i know harry reply's lets go to bed so we both go up to my room and get into bed we both cuddle all night          

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