A weekend with harry looking after my sister

lots of sex talk and romance behind my little sisters back


4. Monday morning

I wake up before harry so I look at his sexy tattoos harry wakes up and finds nearly drooling like what you see babe and kisses me and puts his hand in my pants i gasp and groan look how wet you are harry says and puts a finger in me so i decide to touch him back so we were both slightly panting and groaning I sqease Harry's balls and harry groans fuck i'm close shortly after that he comes and we clean up harry trys to get me back in bed but i want to go for a shower so i say sorry haz and give him a quick kiss so i go in the shower there is a knock on the door i shout who is it and the voice reply's hazza can i come in i need a piss OK i shout so harry walks in naked harry i told you not to walk round commando because of Hollie harry shrugs and opens the shower door and gets in harry growls in my ear but you like to see my cock loads and pulls me close hum but Hollie does not want to see it i say getting some shampoo suppose and can i have some harry asks so i put some in his curly hair i groan harry asks what are you groaning about nothing i stutter when it was how sexy he looked i wash the shampoo out and then get out the shower followed by harry i put a towel round my self er harry towel please fine harry groans and puts a towel round him self i go down stairs and ask Hollie what are you doing i ask making breakfast Hollie reply's OK well i'm getting dressed i go back up saris and get dressed while harry decided to lay on the bed naked so i say puts some clothes on  before you go down stairs harry shrugs at me so i go down stairs and eat some toast and go on my phone harry comes down only in his boxers and sits down next to me right harry i said clothes not underwear my aunt will be back soon i say in a cross toan of voice harry shrugs what its better than commando i can if you want me to Hollie turns round ew harry you are i underwear brom why does harry always have to be naked Hollie asks i don't know and haz if you get naked or don't put clothes on there will be no s e x i sand out for a month harry shreaks black mail and straddles me and try's to kiss my neck no haz i groan i twang his boxers ow fuck don't do that harry groan's well get dressed so harry does soon after my ant and uncle came back they thank us for looking after Hollie and he head home 

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