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Taylor is just your typical 16 year old, until they move to a small town in Kentucky halfway through the school year. Shes used to the California sun and boys. Will she be able to adjust to the country? What will happen when she meets the towns hottest and most dangerous guy? Will she be able to fit in?


7. 5


We make it to the mall and walk to the food court. "What would you like to eat?" I ask Taylor and grab her hand. She looks down at our hands and smiles. "Subway is fine with me..." We walk over to subway and order.

*20 minutes later*

We walk out of the food court and walk to a store she wants to go in. Some girl pushes past her and she trips but I catch her. "Th-thanks Andrew." She blushes when she stutters. "No problem babe. You look so beautiful." She blushes even more at my words. She bites her lip. "Can we go to your house watch movies or something?" I smile and pull her out of the mall and to my car. 

*5 minutes later*

We walk inside my house and to the living room where Tyler and his friends are. "We can go somewhere else if you want." I say when I see Taylor is staring at Tyler and he is staring back. "No Andrew why don't you and this whore stay." Tyler says still staring at Taylor. All of the other boys look up and stare at Taylor. "I''ll just go home Andrew. I'm fine." Taylor says staring at me. I shake my head and grab her hand pulling her upstairs. I pull her into my room and push her against the door. "No Taylor you are not leaving just because Tyler is an ass." She nods and I lean forward and kiss her.


I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss back. I pull back first and rest my forehead on his. "Taylor will you be my girlfriend?" I bite the inside of my cheek. "I won't cheat on you again. I promise." I nod and watch as he smiles. He leans down and kisses my cheek and wraps his arms around my waist.

Guys I am so sorry that this is so short but i had no idea what to write for this chapter. So this is basically just a filler chapter. Basically I started writing this on like Wednesday and I don't even know what to write. I am having severe writers block. I guess it is because I can't talk to my boyfriend because he is grounded. If you have any suggestions for helping with my writers block I am open for all solutions. If i don't get any then it may be a while til the next update because I know where i want to go with this story but i do not know how to get there. So if one of you guys wants to help cowrite this with me I'll message you my email and I will ask you questions and stuff and I will choose from there. Thanks. I love all of you guys who are actually reading this and do not stop telling your friends about this story. 




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