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Taylor is just your typical 16 year old, until they move to a small town in Kentucky halfway through the school year. Shes used to the California sun and boys. Will she be able to adjust to the country? What will happen when she meets the towns hottest and most dangerous guy? Will she be able to fit in?


6. 4


I walk out of class with two guys. The guy on my left wraps his arm around my waist. "Hey babe, do you want to do something?" He whispers in my ear. "When?" "Now?" "Now? but I have class." I look up at him. "It's fine to skip class babe." "Hmmm fine I'll go. Where to?" "My car. C'mon." "Where are we going to go though?" He doesn't say anything and we walk out to his car.

About 5 minutes later we arrive at this gorgeous house, no mansion. "Is this your house?" I ask as I get out of the car. "It is. Why?" He walks over to me and wraps his arm around my waist. "It's beautiful." "Lets go inside." I nod and follow him inside. "Are you hungry?" He asks as we sit on the couch. I shake my head no. I stare up at him. "What did you have in mind?" "This." He says and leans down and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck kissing back. He picks me up and goes up to his room. He throws me on his bed and crawls on top of me and starts kissing my neck. I moan when he sucks on my neck. Then he starts moving his head down my chest and goes all the way down to my shorts and kisses along the top. "Stop." I say and try to push him off. "C'mon babe you love this." He says as he starts to pull my shorts off revealing my underwear. He starts to kiss my underwear. "I said stop." I say again and start kicking. He grabs my legs and holds them still as he contiues kissing down my underwear. "Help." I scream. "Shut up." He says and bites my inner thigh. I scream louder and I hear the door open. I watch as Andrew punches the guy that was on top of me. Andrew hands me my shorts back and I put them on. "Come her Taylor." He walks over to me and wraps his arms around me. "Lets get you out of here." He picks me up bridal style and carries me to his car. "Andrew how did you get in?" "I live here Tay." "That was your brother?" "Yup that was Tyler. I'm sorry that he did that to you." "It's fine. I'm just glad you were there to save me." I smile at him.

We arrive back at school and I pull my makeup bag out of my backpack. Andrew takes it out of my hand. "You don't need this Taylor." "Yes I do, now give it back Andrew." "Nope. You won't get this back until the end of the day." "Not even for this?" I say and lean over and kiss him. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me over to sit on his lap. I pull back breathless and stare at him. "Wow. I've missed kissing you." We say at the same time. I bite my lip and climb back into my seat. "Lets just skip the rest of the day. I'll take you to the mall and we can get lunch there." I nod in agreement and we drive to the mall.

Tyler will come up again in this story, but he's not a main character. What did y'all think of when Andrew saved Taylor from Tyler? Will she tell Hannah or her brother? What about Andrews plan? You'll find out in my next update. I don't know when I'll be updating again. I've just been updating whenever I have the time. But I'm still in Oklahoma and then I go to Kentucky on the 6th and I'll be busy until the 13th. I might be able to get another update in this week but I'm not sure. If not the next update should be the 12th. If I update again this week will be decided on if I'm busy and if people read this. Tell your friends if you really like this story. If I get more then 5 reads on this chapter on Wattpad  then I'll find time to update this week, but if I don't then you have to wait until the 12th. Have a good day.


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