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Taylor is just your typical 16 year old, until they move to a small town in Kentucky halfway through the school year. Shes used to the California sun and boys. Will she be able to adjust to the country? What will happen when she meets the towns hottest and most dangerous guy? Will she be able to fit in?


5. 3



I'm standing in the art room talking to my friends when they all start staring at something. When i turn around I see Taylor with Hannah. Taylor is already staring at me. I walk up to her. "Hey Taylor..." I say uncertain as to if I should say anything at all. "It's been a while, we should catch up" I smile when I see she hasn't run away yet. She looks uncertain and shakes her head. "Ummm...I don't know if thats a good idea." I frown at that. "c'mon Taylor. It's been like what? 3-5 years since I saw your beautiful face. What happened to us?" I ask wanting her to forget what happened. "You know what happened and then you ran away and came here. You never called or anything. You just disappeared and everybody was worried, but you only thought of yourself. You didn't think of me or anybody else. So why should I give you any of my time?" She said looking angry. "Taylor..I thought you wouldn't want to hear from me and if  you didn't then nobody did. I didn't run, my parents were ready for a change and I went with it because I knew it was for the best. You hated me and I hated myself so I left with them." I said honestly knowing that everybody listened to her all the time. "Whats going on?" Hannah asks looking between the two of us. As soon as she asks Kyle walks in the room. When he sees me he looks pissed. I smile at him "Hey Kyle, how are you?" "Long time no see Andrew. Why are you here talking to my sister?" "Guys don't do this now. Its only our second day Kyle. You two can't start fighting already..Thats all you two ever did back home..." I listen to Taylor defending me and I smile. "Home? Taylor, how do you know Andrew and what do you mean by home?" "California is where we're from. Thats how i know Andrew, but how do you know him?" Hannah looks at me hoping I'll explain.  "Taylor, you remember my cousin that I would always tell you about that lived in Kentucky, well that cousin is Hannah...." I say and smile at her. "Holy shit....this just got weird." Kyle says from behind us. I nod agreeing with him. The teacher walks in and everybody sits down. Taylor sits down between two of my friends completely ignoring me. 

*Flashback to 3 years ago*

Amber shows up at my house and I tell her that she needs to leave because Taylor is coming over soon. "C'mon we all know that I am prettier than Taylor. You don't actually like her." "Yes I do Amber." "C'mon" she purred in my ear . She got up on her tiptoes and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back. I opened my eyes and saw Taylor. I pushed Amber off of me and watched Taylor run back down my driveway. I made Amber leave. I kept on trying to call Taylor but it would go straight to voicemail. My parents call me downstairs and tell me we're moving to Kentucky and I can stay here with my grandparents if I want but I decided to leave with them. 

*End of flashback* 

Shit I completely messed up. I have to win her back. Class ends and everybody leaves. I walk out and decide to skip the rest of the day while trying to think of ways to get Taylor back. I go home and fall asleep thinking of her. 


Heres chapter 3. Do you think Taylor will fall for him again? Will she be able to forgive him for the past? Comment what y'all think Andrew to do to win back Taylor and I'll pick the one I like the most. 

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