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Taylor is just your typical 16 year old, until they move to a small town in Kentucky halfway through the school year. Shes used to the California sun and boys. Will she be able to adjust to the country? What will happen when she meets the towns hottest and most dangerous guy? Will she be able to fit in?


4. 2


I woke up at 3 in the morning because of a bad dream.. Kyle ran into my room. "Why are you screaming?" "I'm not?" "What happened in the dream this time?" "It was nothing..." "Don't give me that shit Tay."Fine....I was walking home from school when I heard someone yelling my name. I recognized it was that Jace kid from school. He offered to walk with me so I let him.. We were walking and he just grabbed my ass and when I told him to stop he didn't....h-he raped me.." I said and started bawling. Kyle wrapped me in his arms and rocked me so I would stop crying. "I'm going back to sleep..You don't have to stay." "No I'm staying." I sigh not wanting to argue with him and lay back down. I fall asleep fast and wake up at 6 and see Kyle still laying next to me. I wake him up and make him leave so I can get ready. I take a quick shower and blow dry my hair leaving it in its natural waves.I throw on a pink hoodie and some black running shorts and my favorite nikes. I put on light makeup before going downstairs to leave for school. Kyle drives me and we both get out. He walks to my locker with his arm around my shoulder. Jace comes over to us and I try to ignore him but Kyle notices and trys to tell him to leave. "Why do you want me to leave?" Jace asks getting closer to Kyle. "Just stay the fuck away from my sister before you regret it." Kyle warns and pushes Jace back. Jace gets pissed off even more and punches Kyle. By now everybody is watching as Kyle and Jace keep throwing punches back and forth. I ignore them until a girl walks over to me and pulls me away by my arm. "I apologize for my brothers childish behavior. I'm Hannah." "Jace is your brother? And i am Taylor."  I smile at the pretty blonde in front of me. "Yes and it absolutely sucks because everybody here is either in love with him, absolutely hates him or is scared of him." She laughs and so do i. "I saw you in most of my classes yesterday so if you want to we can sit by each other or I could help you with what you missed since you just moved here?" Hannah smiled at me. "That would me great thanks. You're the second person to talk to me. The first was your brother." I say and smile. She grabs my arm and pulls me off to the art room. I notice a certain blonde guy and when he turns around he smiles at me. When I realize who it is i stop walking and just stare at him. He walks up to me and smiles. "Hey Taylor, its been a while. We should catch up." I just stare at him not knowing what to say. "Ummm..I don't know if thats such a good idea.." "C'mon Taylor. Its been like what? 3-5 years since I saw your beautiful face. What happened to us?" "You know what happened and then you ran away and came here. You never called or anything. You just disappeared and everybody was worried, but you only thought of yourself. You didn't think of me or anybody else. So why should I give you any of my time?" "Taylor..I thought you wouldn't want to hear from me and if  you didn't then nobody did. I didn't run, my parents were ready for a change and I went with it because I knew it was for the best. You hated me and I hated myself so I left with them." He said looking upset. "Whats going on?" Hannah asks looking between the two of us. As soon as she asks Kyle walks in the room. When he sees who I'm talking to, it looks like hes seen a ghost and the look is gone and now he looks like hes about to punch someone. "Hey Kyle, how are you?" He smiles at my brother. "Long time no see Andrew. Why are you here talking to my sister?" "Guys don't do this now. Its only our second day Kyle. You two can't start fighting already..Thats all you two ever did back home..." "Home? Taylor, how do you know Andrew and what do you mean by home?" "California is where we're from. Thats how i know Andrew, but how do you know him?" "Taylor, you remember my cousin that I would always tell you about that lived in Kentucky, well that cousin is Hannah...." "Holy shit....this just got weird." Kyle says from behind us. 


Sorry this chapter is short. but who do you think Andrew is and how does Taylor know him? This is just the beginning or a very long and painful junior year for the group. Sorry that this is only chapter two and drama is already happening but answers will be coming shortly. I also won't update until more people start reading it because I feel like this is a waste to write if nobody reads it...well  bye. I hope yall have a good summer.

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