This World We Used To Know

A world destroyed by the ones who need it most. Us. Wars had wiped out nations, only the strong survived. Pollution destroyed the air. Leading to sickness, disease, only the stronger survived. Hurricanes, earth quakes nature fought back, and only the strongest survived. Where did the strongest go after it was all over? Well, they built a dome. And after generations had past, the outside world was but a fable. Well, it was until now.


1. Prolougue

It's not only the most difficult thing to know one's self, but the most inconvenient. 

-Josh Billings


Under the dome, the meaning of your name is a really big part of who you are. For example, Zevadiah's name means "God's gift." because he was a premature baby by three and a half months and the doctors said he wouldn't make it, but he was born, with a smile on his face, as though god had sent him down as a gift.

Zevadiah's mom died in child birth of her daughter, and Zevadiah's dad named her Kishar, meaning "Horizon" before he died of a broken heart. Kishar's father never told anyone what her name's meaning had to do with her. This left Zevadiah, who was three at the time, and Kishar, who was hardily a week old, to be brought up by there aunt and uncle, who never had children of there own.

Zevadiah was particularly close to his Uncle Cadman who's name meant warrior and fighter, because he was strong, and built like a warrior. Many nights Zevadiah would sit by the window with his uncle, while they made up stories of what lied beyond the dome. They'd exchange the fables they heard that day on the streets. Magical land where you could walk on clouds, and eat endless food, for dangerous dragons flying over top and sea monsters resting in pools of lava. The stories of what was beyond the view of the people of the dome were endless. But they were all but stories. What was really there was nothing anyone could imagine.

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