I wonder...

It's a world were all celebrities aren't celebrities! See how Ariana Grande manages her love life with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa also has some love problems too) helping her along the way but with the two mean kids at their college Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Justin Bieber it's going to be difficult (I'm sorry if I made one of your favorite celebrities' personality seem rude I just picked my favorite celebs and gave them roles)


6. OUCH, my back!

Ariana's P.O.V

I don't know about V.V and Jack but I think that was strange. We just met Jack then went to the movies with him. Isn't this what happens to the dumb person in movies who later gets killed? Exactly.

When I get home I see my brother, Frankie, watching tv. I'm walking up the stairs when I slip and land hard on my back, it's the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. My vision gets blurry and I hear someone screaming and then notice I'm the one screaming. The last thing I see before I black out is Frankie running towards me.

Frankie's P.O.V

As soon as I see Ariana fall I run towards her and carry her bridal style to were my phone is and call my parents that are at the grocery store, they don't pick up so I text them. (F: Frankie M: Mom)

F: Hi mom, Ariana slipped on the stairs and landed on her back I think she hurt herself badly because she blacked out, what do I do?

M: Oh my gosh!, take her to the hospital your dad and I will meet you there!

F: ok, love you bye

M: love you too bye

And I'm off to the hospital

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