I wonder...

It's a world were all celebrities aren't celebrities! See how Ariana Grande manages her love life with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa also has some love problems too) helping her along the way but with the two mean kids at their college Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Justin Bieber it's going to be difficult (I'm sorry if I made one of your favorite celebrities' personality seem rude I just picked my favorite celebs and gave them roles)


7. Hospital

Frankie's P.O.V

When I get to the hospital I walk up to the nurse behind the desk. She greets me by saying "Hi sir, how may I help you?" I lift Ariana up a little so the nurse could see her over the huge desk "Oh I see sir, sign this," she hands me a paper which already has a little bit of signatures on it "And go to room 43, a doctor will be there soon." I thanked her went to go find room 43.

It took me a while but I found the room, put Ariana down on the bed, and sat on a chair in the corner then waited patiently for the doctor. The whole time I was waiting I kept on worrying about Ariana. Will she be ok? Did she get seriously hurt? Where is the doctor?, she needs help. As if on cue, the doctor walked in."We will need to do a few x-rays to see if she broke anything, so you can come back tomorrow to check on her. And you are her...?" Is what the doctor says after checking Ariana and I reply "I'm her brother and ok I'll call to check on her later" I give Ariana a hug even though I know she can't feel it.

When I leave room 43 I see my parents walking in through the front doors with worried expressions on their face. When they see me they fire questions at me like "Is she ok?" "Can we visit her room?" "What room is she in?" And all I say back is "The doctor said that we can visit her tomorrow since she needs x-rays" once they heard what I said they got less worried and dad replied "Ok then we will just visit her tomorrow" and we walked back to our cars. When I get home I go straight to my room and lay in bed and worry about Ariana then I remember something. I forgot to call her friends to say what happened.

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