I wonder...

It's a world were all celebrities aren't celebrities! See how Ariana Grande manages her love life with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa also has some love problems too) helping her along the way but with the two mean kids at their college Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Justin Bieber it's going to be difficult (I'm sorry if I made one of your favorite celebrities' personality seem rude I just picked my favorite celebs and gave them roles)


9. Continued nightmare/memory

V.Vs P.O.V

When Justin finally moved too Houston we decided to meet at the park. He was beautiful I swear he was the most handsome guy I've seen in my whole life. "Hey beautiful" he tells me and I feel color rise to my cheeks and say "Hey handsome" and I can't help but run up to him and give him a long, tight hug and that hug turns into a nice kiss on the lips. That was my first kiss, I'm glad it was with Justin.

- I stop myself from dreaming any further. I can't fall for Justin!! Again!!! Anyway he's dating Ashley. Right when I remember that I feel my heart sink. Another sign that I'm falling for him. What would Ariana think? She'd think I'm crazy and not hang out with me so I can't let her know. Speaking of Ariana today I'm supposed to visit her in the hospital. I check what time it is 6:27am I planned on visiting her at 7:00 so I get dressed in a shirt that says 'I rule!' With my favorite jeans and converse. I head to the kitchen to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Once I finished my sandwich I jump on the sofa and get all comfy with my favorite blanket with lots of little Mickey Mouses on it.

When I watch one and a half shows I check my watch and it reads 6:58am, time to go. I record the other half of the episode I was watching, walk over to my car, and start driving closer and closer to my best friend.

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