I wonder...

It's a world were all celebrities aren't celebrities! See how Ariana Grande manages her love life with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa also has some love problems too) helping her along the way but with the two mean kids at their college Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Justin Bieber it's going to be difficult (I'm sorry if I made one of your favorite celebrities' personality seem rude I just picked my favorite celebs and gave them roles)


13. Changed

V.V's P.O.V

Do not think of me as the nice, sweet, and polite girl anymore. I changed. People change, it's normal. Wouldn't you expect a sweet girl turning like I turned out because she saw her best friend kiss her gigantic crush?

He was the boy who made my stomach erupt in butterflies when he spoke to me and most of all he was the boy who I loved. Not anymore. Now I'm trying to win back the feelings of Justin, your probably like 'Good luck with that, he has a girlfriend' but I don't care. I will win him back.

I'm going to his house right now. He doesn't know, I'm just hoping that Ashley isn't there. And thank god I didn't see her pink convertible in his driveway. I went up to the door and rang the doorbell, I heard shuffling inside before the door was opened.

Justin smirked at me then said "What are you doing here, los-" I cut him off by kissing him. The look in his eyes were first shock then they were normal, he pulled away and smiled "What was that for?" "It was to get you to like me again" I said while smirking, then I walked off without a single word finding its way out of my mouth. The only noise was him shouting towards me "Come back, Vanessa!"

I ignore him and the next thing you know I'm at my house. I walk through the living room and, while turning my head, I saw through my window, Ariana kissing Jack. Yes, she's my neighbor, a while ago that would seem awesome, but not anymore. And seeing the 2 of them kissing got me in a even worse mood, I stormed upstairs and locked the door so that when my parents get home the will know not to mess with me at this moment.

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