Let It Go

"Elsa, I can't live like this anymore!" "Then leave." Anna felt hot tears pricking at her eyes and her voice was hoarse when she forced out the reply; "Maybe I will." A different take on Frozen. {Contains Kristanna and Helsa. Rated Y for slight implied rape and some slight sexual contact, though no full-out frick-frack}


2. Chapter Two

Anna shivered and wrapped her cloak tighter around her petite frame. It was with great confusion that she realized she could see her breath, and even greater puzzlement that she noticed the snowflakes coming down.

"What the . . . ?" She muttered, standing up and catching one in the palm of her hand, studying it before it melted. "But it's summer."

She looked up quietly to the castle. A dark cloud was high above it.

"Oh no."


Elsa quickly took note of the falling snow. Before she could lose control any further, she hollered a command down.

"Close the gates!"

The guards, knowing at least part of what was going on, reacted quickly. They ushered all of the partygoers out, handing them blankets as they left. As soon as everyone was out, they closed the gates.

"What about Princess Anna?" A member of the staff asked her.

"If she comes back, let her in." Elsa swallowed panic down.

"Do you know what's going on, Your Highness?" A newer member of the staff asked her.

"No." Elsa lied. "Quickly, start fires, do anything you need to do." Maybe it will help me control it aside from just keeping everyone else warm.


Anna held herself back from running to the castle and making sure her sister was okay. She doesn't care.

So she began walking out of Arendelle...

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