Let It Go

"Elsa, I can't live like this anymore!" "Then leave." Anna felt hot tears pricking at her eyes and her voice was hoarse when she forced out the reply; "Maybe I will." A different take on Frozen. {Contains Kristanna and Helsa. Rated Y for slight implied rape and some slight sexual contact, though no full-out frick-frack}


4. Chapter Four

Quick Note from Prez Cipher: I'm, uh, bumping up the rating to Y because Helsa is nooooot going to be a very "healthy" relationship in this story. It is going to be nearly completely based on their mutual attraction and Hans's selfish desires. If you're under the age of 12, I'm going to have to ask you to stop reading this within the next chapter or so. Thank you.


Having to be polite was starting to be a bit of a pain for the older sister. As charming as Hans was, she did not enjoy the way he looked at her. Like she was something to eat. And now, well, he was on the opposite side of the long dining room table because a queen's duty was to treat all foreign royalty with the utmost respect.

Well, at least his dinner manners were good. And from the way he was reacting to the hot soup, she sort of was starting to regret that she was immune to most heat - her body temperature was only about thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Hans announced suddenly, breaking her concentration and making her jump. "The soup was delicious."

"Thank the cooks, not me." Elsa replied curtly, watching his muscles move and stretch underneath the fabric of his clothes. Stop it, Elsa! He's engaged to your sister! She scolded herself internally, shifting her weight uncomfortably.

"How are you not worried about Anna? She's the only family you have left, right?"

At that point, Elsa rose to leave. "Excuse me." With tears starting to prick at her eyes, she started to quickly walk out of the room, her heels clicking against the hardwood floor.

"Your Highness, wait, I didn't mean to upset you."

He grabbed her wrist. A sensation flooded up her arm that she'd never felt before, but at the same time she knew exactly what it was.


Warmth was escaping from beneath his glove, just as much as cold was probably seeping from hers. She gasped and pulled her hand away, only for him to grab her shoulders and kiss her.

First, she froze in place, thinking of Anna and what she would think if she saw this. She almost pulled away, but then she realized how much of the warmth she was feeling, and how much she liked it. Any thoughts of her sister faded away as she kissed back, putting her hands on his chest and letting out a little sigh of pleasure.


"What do you think is making it snow?"

Kristoff jumped a little when the lively-sounding voice sounded behind him. He spun around and was met by the pretty face of the redhead. He noticed a streak of white in her hair. She's too young, though. I wonder what happened.

"Uh... no." He replied slowly.

"I was just wondering... cause there was this big black cloud over the castle."

"If you're out here, you probably have no reason to worry about what's going on in Arendelle." Kristoff responded, turning back to looking at the measly winter stock.

"Of course I do! That's where my sister is!" Anna snapped in a voice that sounded almost hurt.

"Well, who's your sister?"

"The queen!"

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