Railway Tracks.

Finding myself.


2. Discovering.

I guess I'm trying to discover who I really am. I try to fit in with everyone else: listen to their music, dress like them, do the same sports as them etc, but I don't like it. I don't like not knowing who I am because I've pretended to be someone else for so long now. 

I suppose I think that finding myself somewhere physically different will help me to find myself spiritually/mentally somewhere else. Perhaps introduce me to me.

It's about 4 o'clock now, and due to the time of year, the sky starts to darken, murky like a muddy puddle because of the rain clouds. The patches of dead grass, dotted all over the tracks, squelch under my now-sodden feet, making a noise I just can't help but smile at. 

I come across a large rock, sort of buried into the soil. When I say large, I mean large enough to comfortably perch. I take my backpack off and open the buckles, pulling out a flask of lemon-infused green tea, and an apple. After drinking a cup full of tea, I grab for my Polaroid. Whilst crunching on my Apple, I take a few pictures of things I notice. A puddle shaped like a cloud, a perfectly-formed leaf, the pink-red sky, dotted with tiny clouds. After a while my hands get so cold that I can't bear to grip my camera any longer, and in fear of dropping it straight into a puddle, I shove it back into my backpack, along with my flask. I keep the apple firmly between my teeth.

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