Still Thinking of a Name

Xyla resides just outside of New York City, but her life is a secret true love makes her want to spill. Unbeknownst to her friends, Xylia is the part of the Royal family of Xyphalia, an African country, but lives a normal life and falls in love. Everything seems to be going amazing but then she receives devastating news and her life is turned upside down.


2. Chapter Two


            “Zie, we’re here,” whispers Jakob in a singsong voice that people use when they are trying to arouse someone from a deep sleep.

            “Hmmf,” I mumble sleepily.

            “Time to get off. I’ll take your case but you’ll have to grab your bag, come on.”

The light is too bright and the noise is too loud. I pull the eye mask off my face and shove it in one of the pockets inside my bag. I check to make sure I have everything and then stand up. Looking around, I see that I’m the only one left. Unless you count our bodyguards. Jakob’s head pops back around the corner and I tell him I’m coming again, but this time I really do go. Before I know it I’m saying thank you to all of the staff members and am being ushered into a car. I’m surprised to see that its still light outside here. Logan and dad are in the car in front and Jakob and I are in the car behind them.

            “Seatbelts, please,” comes a voice from the front. 

We buckle up and lean back in our seats.

            “You still leaving in the morning?” I ask him.

He’s looking out the window and hesitates a moment before respondeing. “Yeah, we’re already cutting it close really.”

            “You’re lucky though. You guys get an extra day off.”

He turns to face me and then rummages through the pocket on the back of the seat in front. “I guess.”

When we get back to the house, I drag my bags up the stairs to my room and turn the air-conditioning on high. When I go back downstairs, I see the boys are stuffing their faces with chocolate.

            “I’ve missed Hershey chocolate so much,” Logan says, his mouth full.

            “I still don’t like it,” I say, sticking my tongue out. “I think Cadbury’s still on top.”

“I bet you also think that there’s still a difference between chips and fries.”

“Of course!”

He shakes his head.

“Dad went to go and get Cam,” Jakob tells me., clearly unamused by our banter.

“I figured.”

Whilst the boys move onto Hershey kisses, because they swear there’s a difference between them and the bars, I turn on my phone and catch up on everything that happened since I got on the plane some 12 hours ago now. I have a number of messages from my friends, asking if I’m back yet from England. I hate not being able to tell them.

            “Did you tell your friends that we were in England too?” I ask.

They both crack their knuckles at the same time, done on purpose to annoy me, and  then reply at the exact same time, “yup.”

            “I can’t wait until we’re sixteen and can tell them all,” I say, unwrapping a small Hershey kiss because the pack is emptying fast.

            “Same,” says Logan. “Just imagine how many girls will be all over me when they find out I’m a prince.”

I’m just about to tell him off for being such a player when the small box plugged into the counter socket beeps once. A car is coming up the drive. It beeps again, the car is further up the drive, and then beeps three times and I see the car driving up to the side of the house. I run to the door and prop it open with the doorstop. Dad is rummaging in the boot of the car getting Cam’s bag, whilst Cam runs his hands through his voluminous fluffy hair and steps inside. I jump up and give him a huge hug; he spins me around once and lets me down.

            “I’ve missed you, Cam,” I tell him.

            “I’ve missed you too.”

            “How was camp?” I ask him as we walk through into the kitchen.

He doesn’t answer right away because something else grabs his attention; “Chocolate!” he calls when he eyes the Hershey kisses on the counter top and grabs a handful. “Camp rocked, I learned so many new tricks. “

            “You going to be the NBA star of the family?” Logan asks him.

            “You know it, dude.”

I smile to myself. I look around at my brothers and wonder how we can all be so different but yet so similar. We’re roughly the same height, Cam’s the tallest and Logan and I are the shortest, always measuring ourselves trying to be taller than the other. Jakob and Logan look identical, they wear their hair the same, flicked up at the front with gel, but Cam’s is longer and casually flipped to one side. His hair is the same colour as mine, and we look somewhat similar in appearance but I’m a girl and they’re all guys. I’m always surprised when Cam talks in a British accent, at school he’s the typical American jock that all of the girls swoon over. That’s one of the reason’s why we didn’t want people knowing we were related. It would just make things weird.

            “I’m going to head out to meet the lads,” Logan says. “I’ll be back when the game ends.”

            “You being driven?” dad asks.

            “Yes, sir,” Logan jokes, saluting our dad as he throws Cam’s basketball back at him and walks right out the front door.

            “What do you three want to do tonight?” he asks us.

            “What about a movie and pizza?” I suggest.

I’m tired from the long journey and as soon as I’ve finished my pizza and placed the cardboard cut out square on the floor in front of me, my eyes begin to close and I slowly drift off to sleep.

            “She missed the whole thing,” I hear Cam saying as I open my eyes.

The credits are rolling and I realize that I have indeed missed the entire film. Logan isn’t back yet but he’s texted to say he’s on the way, and so I announce that I’m going to head up to bed. Not much later, I’m tucked up in my bed, but suddenly I’m not tired. As much as I try to fall asleep again, it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen, and so I sit up in my bed and turn on my bedside lamp. I’ve just opened the book I’ve been meaning to read when a knock sounds on the door.

            “Come in,” I call out.

            “It’s just us,” says Jakob.

            “You all finished packing?”

“Just about. Thought we’d come and say bye now. There’s no need for you to get up extra early in the morning,” Jakob says as the two of them sit down next to each other on the end of my bed.

“You know I will,” I say.

“Well you know we can’t stop you,” says Logan, poking me with his little finger.

“Who pokes someone with their little finger,” I laugh.

“I’m cool like that,” he says, and he flicks his hair the way he thinks is super cool.

“You are so not cool,” I tell him.

“Your opinion, my opinion, Jakob’s opinion, it really doesn’t matter. I’m dead cool, sister.”

“Okay,” I say, still unconvinced

Jakob eyes my book. “He dies in a car crash and she says she’ll never get over him, but guess what? She does.”

            “Jakob!” I shout. “Why do you always do that?”

            “Because I find myself so bored that I read the books you’ve downloaded on your kindle. Did you know I could sync them from California?”

            “I know now,” I sulk.

            “On this happy note, we should let you sleep,” Logan says.

            “Goodbye,” I say, with an obviously false grin, and an overly eager wave.


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