Still Thinking of a Name

Xyla resides just outside of New York City, but her life is a secret true love makes her want to spill. Unbeknownst to her friends, Xylia is the part of the Royal family of Xyphalia, an African country, but lives a normal life and falls in love. Everything seems to be going amazing but then she receives devastating news and her life is turned upside down.


5. Chapter Five


I wake up in a panic. My room is pitch black and I’m sweating for some reason. I grope around in search of my glass of water and drink the whole glass before I check my phone. 6AM. I sit up in my bed and although the room is still dark I see home, not the house I’m in here, but the tumbling fields of grass, the beautiful animals, and the small, happy children of home. My eyes have adjusted now to the light and I go out into the hall and then up the two steps leading up to Cam’s room. I fumble for the light switch and flick it on. He wakes up. “What the hell,” he says, turning over in his bed. “It’s me,” I say. His sarcastic nature apparently starts the minute he wakes up, “You don’t say.” His sarcasm doesn’t bother me, right now I have other things on my mind. “Cam, I want to go back home.” He groans loudly and buries his head under his pillow. “What do you mean you want to go home,” he asks when I prod him to see if he’s still awake. “You know, home, where mum is, where I want to be. Xyphalia, Cam.” I hear what I take to be a snoring sound and cannot believe it. “Cam,” I whine. I know I’m being ridiculous but I’m homesick. I want to see the animals, I want to go and visit the village and play with the African children, I want to walk around barefoot and forget about everything here. “You’re being ridiculous,” Cam says, stating the obvious. “Don’t you miss it?” I ask. He sits up in his bed, squinting in the light, and then falls back onto the bed. “I have a life here, Zie, I have friends, I have a girlfriend,” I interrupt him there. “Girlfriend? I didn’t know you and Kaiya had made it official.” He stays lying down but puts his arm up, “Hey, we said we wouldn’t talk about our love lives.” I scowl, we said that when neither of us had one, I think to myself. “But just for the record,” he continues, “I haven’t exactly asked her to be my girlfriend yet.” I hug myself, wrapping my arms around me because I’m getting cold standing here in his doorway. “Well, just for the record, I know she adores you.” We’re silent for a moment. “Cam, I do have a life here too, but we all know that I fit in much better there and you guys do over here.” His eyes, closed, now open, and he looks at me again. “Zie, it’s, like, 4am or something.” I put my hands out in front of me now, “I get it. Night, drie.” I can see him smile as I turn off his light, and I hear his whisper good night back, “Night, vier.” 

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