Darcy Evens lives in an orphanage her parents died when she was 4 she is now 13 she just gives up hope in finding a new family but will that change when she meets a certain blue eyed goofball?


5. middle school

so today i was starting Middle School. ikr boring but ive been on a date with hayes so yeah WE ARE DATING  sorry fangirl moment lol. so today we are walking to school im waiting for hayes to get here. today we were wearing couple outfits 

5 minutes later Hayes arrived.The girls Mom Perrie and Dani thought we were sooo cute so we had a photo shoot. When we got at school people started to stare but i didnt care. We met up with all the other magcon boys in 8th grade. Turns out Hayes and the boys are the most popular and since im like bffs with the boys and dating Hayes im the most popular girl. Not that im complaining or anything. Hey Darcy? Hayes said Yeah? i replied Your going he said Going where? Try outs he retorted. Why? cuz you are like the best gymnast annnd i saw you in the back yard. Noooo you didnt. Bae dont deny it. Fine. YASS the boys said. when are they? really like to tell me stuff at the last minute dont you. yep. okay ill gooo. bye i said . HOLD UP Hayes yelled. what? i said. Are you maid?...Or nah? i dont even get a kiss. sorry i siad  i gave him a kiss then left

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