Darcy Evens lives in an orphanage her parents died when she was 4 she is now 13 she just gives up hope in finding a new family but will that change when she meets a certain blue eyed goofball?


2. adopted

                                                            Louis pov




MEEEEE TOOOO I WANT TO MEET MY SOON TO BE NIECE LEGOOOO!!!!!!!!!! naill also said. Today was the day i get to adopt a daughter of our own! We were so excited Niall didnt even get breakfast! and thats saying a lot... The rest of the bays quickly filed out of the door Zayn was bringing Perrie cuz hes a little Bradford bad boii. i dont really care. i Love perrie as a friend. Anyways,,,,,,,,... We got to the orphanage ,Miss Karens tip top happy orphanage. It kind of looked like a prison but whatever YOLO. We got inside and told Miss Karen what we were looking for in the girls and she knew who she was looking for. ALYSSA DARCY COME HERE NOW BEFORE I- she caught herself from threatening them cuz we were here. wow. Only one girl went downstairs though.She came in screaming and singing Dont Drop That Thun Thun Thun. it was hilarious. Yes Miss Karen she asked in a sweet voice with a lot of clear annoyance in it. Me and the boys were trying not to laugh. WHERE IS DARCY??? umm upstairs, sleeping alyssa replied flatly.WELL GO GET HER! why? we and the boys were trying so hard not to laugh. Because we have visitors! Alyssa was to busy running into a different room. after a moment we heard WMYB coming really loud through the whole house. GO GET HER karen screamed. FIne she yelled. soon the music was off and we heard yelling throughout the house it was really hard to hear we only heard One Direction and WHAT.LOL soon there was a lot of banging and laughing. me perrie and the boys evees dropped a little bit and watched what was going on. Alyssa was back but with with Darcy. Karen SLAPPED THEM  I knew in three seconds flat i was adopting Darcy. 


                                                         Darcys pov

IT WAS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!! i fainted really 


                                                              Alyssas pov

UGHH she fainted over 1D again! i yelled the boys laughed real hard

i ran upstairs and grabbed Darcys favorite perfume Twentyone black i held it up to her nose and she got up and started singing red nose really loudly Tyler walked downstairs and did the DANCE with darcy. lets just say that dance has a lot of innapropriate moves.I facepalmed my self and coughed SORRY!! she yelled. this is why i love her.

                                                                   Louis pov

That was weird she randomly did that. well okay i said Hi Darcy im going to adopt you. 



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