Keeping My Distance

Lalvia Monroe is a girl that has been badly bullied by some people at school, she self-harms and cry's her self to sleep every night. She has also, been getting weird dreams and visions by her grandmother that has passed away five years ago. She has been getting warnings by her grandmother that she needs to leave but, when a new man enters her life… she's not so sure she wants to leave.


1. Starting off


                                                                        Lalvia's POV.


"Lalvia, listen to me" she said. She shook me and made me face her. "Lalvia, your not safe here…you got to leave."

                     "Why?" I asked the question that's been bothering me this entire time.

                     "Just remember, don't trust anyone and to expect the unexpected," she replied. 

                     She disappeared and I stayed in the dark room…stunned. "Grammie! What do you mean?"



                    I plopped up in my bed, wide eyes and heavy breathing. I got out my water bottle that just so happen to be beside me and took a huge gulp.


                  Finally after five minutes of laying here, I got up. Smell of bacon and eggs filled the air as I walked into the kitchen. "Hey, I made you some breakfast," my dad stated with a smile.

                 My dad was a good cook and I know exactly who he got that characteristic from, my grandmother but, I loved to call her grammie she was a chef and a very good one at that. She loved cooking almost as much as the cookie monster loves cookies. She taught my dad everything she knew about cooking. She taught me some stuff before she passed away but, I know my dad will pass it on to me.


                 "Are you alright? You look a little" he stopped to think about it scratching his head. "exhausted."

                 "That's because I am dad. I just got up," I replied. 

                 "Are you ready for school?"

                 "No" I stated. 

                 "You have to get ready LalveI know you don't want to ride the bus. What about I take you?" he asked handing me my bacon and eggs.            

                  I stared down at my plate biting my lip. "No, it's fine i'll take the bus," I said. I never like to take the bus but, I don't want my dad to know how badly I get treated at school. 

                  I use to not have a problem of school before this girl saw me as a threat. I was so bad of a threat that she leaves emotional scars all over my body. She's not the only one, I get picked on a lot at school and I doubt it will stop any time soon.

              "Alright. Get done with your breakfast and try to catch the bus," My dad replied.



The bus ride wasn't as bad today as I was expected it to be. So far…my day is good.  




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