Keeping My Distance

Lalvia Monroe is a girl that has been badly bullied by some people at school, she self-harms and cry's her self to sleep every night. She has also, been getting weird dreams and visions by her grandmother that has passed away five years ago. She has been getting warnings by her grandmother that she needs to leave but, when a new man enters her life… she's not so sure she wants to leave.


3. Spending time with Conner

"Lalve, Brady needs me for something so, I'm going to be gone all day and if you need anything just go get Conner he's outside working on the garage," Dad said.

          "Your going to leave me alone with him! Seriously dad?" I asked. If I say I was aggravated that will be a understatement.

           "You'll be fine, love you, bye," he said, kissing my forehead.

            Brady is my dad's best friend even though he is drunk all the time! If he's not drunk then he has a hangover. Even, though he drinks way to much, he's a fun guy to be around.


Since dad left I decided to check on Conner. I mean we can't leave a damsel in distress to work on a roof alone… now can we? 

           I walked outside and was heading towards Conner but, when I looked up I stopped in my place. I never realized how beautiful Conner were before. I could see his muscles through his shirt as he worked. I leaned against the post that was behind me and admired him. 

          "You see something you like?" He asked, without even turning around.

           I jumped, startled. "As if," I said. 

          He chuckled even making him more attractive.

          "Um, my dad is visiting Brady-- his friend, so, I'm going to be here with you for a while," I said. I was hoping I would get along with Conner, I mean I don't want to hate the guy. 

         He turned around, grinning from ear to ear. "You like that don't you," he said winking.

         I glared at him making sure to bite down on my lip so an insult won't fly out my mouth.

         He turned back around chuckling. "Hey, I'm just picking on you… How old are you anyway?" He asked.

         "I'm 17… I'm turing 18 in a few months," I stated.

         "That's cute, I remember when I was 17."

         "I bet you can, it wasn't that  long ago."

          He turned around and grinned at me.



It was night time now and my dad still didn't show. He also, will not pick up his phone!

        "Hey, Conner have you heard from my dad?" I asked as I walked into the living room.

        "No, why?" 

        "Oh no, you think he's ok?" I asked slipping on my coat and shoes. "He won't pick up his phone and I'm pretty sure he would be here by now… it's 9:00," I rambled.

         "Hey, hey calm down" he said coming up to me. He grabbed a loose of my hair and tucked it behind my ear. "We will find him," he reassured.



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