Keeping My Distance

Lalvia Monroe is a girl that has been badly bullied by some people at school, she self-harms and cry's her self to sleep every night. She has also, been getting weird dreams and visions by her grandmother that has passed away five years ago. She has been getting warnings by her grandmother that she needs to leave but, when a new man enters her life… she's not so sure she wants to leave.


2. Meeting Conner

What a good day I had…note the sarcasm. I have been thrown against the lockers (which I had to go to the nurse right after because, it left a knot on the left side of my face), I have been reminded more than once today that I was 'fat' on my way to english and someone almost tripped me in the cafeteria with food in my hand.

               Now I'm with my dad and some random guy. "Lalvia, I'll like you meet Conner…Conner this is Lalvia, my daughter," my dad introduced.

              Conner gave me a short nod and waved. I waved back feeling slightly uncomfortable. Ok, so my dad had to bring a hot guy home, and why? "Um, not to be rude dad but, why is he here?" I asked pointing at Conner. I didn't want to be rude towards Conner but, I was a bit shy by him. 

          "He is going to help me fix the roof of the garage," he stated. Ah, the garage, my dad needed that done a long time ago. I guess he never thought about it till now. 

           "Conner make yourself at home, I need to talk privately to my daughter for a second,"my dad said making his way towards me.

            "What's up, dad?" I asked.

             "Well, I want you to keep in open mind about Conner, ok? He's just going to stay here a little while helping me with the roof and he needs the money"

            "I understand, dad"

             "I know. I guess what I'm trying to say is he's only 20 so, I don't want you to get you know, attracted to him," my dad said. He was using all types of hand motions trying to give his point across. It's funny watching him since he looked extremely uncomfortable.

             I looked back over at Conner, trying my best not to get aggravated. Conner was looking around the kitchen and spotted my phone on the table. 'Don't go through my phone, don't go through my phone' I thought.  He looked around once again and picked up my phone.  "So, you promise me?"

          "Wh-what?," I looked at my dad with a confused look.

           He glanced at Conner then looked back at me. "Are you staring at him now?" he asked. "Just stay away from him, ok?"

          I nodded, knowing that I wasn't going to like this guy anyway.

          I walked in the kitchen, snatching my phone away from his hand. "I think that belongs to me" I said, walking away. I felt him staring as I was walking to my room. 

         'What a weird guy' I thought.



When I got to my room I rolled my sleeves down and stared down at my new cuts. I've had them  since yesterday. "1, 2, 3," I whispered. I was counting each cut I did yesterday. Of course, I usually cut more but, each cut has a story behind it. The first cut I did because, people call me any bad name in the book, up to 'ugly to fat and even worthless.' Those words are so bad I start to believe it myself. 

         The second cut, is that I feel lonely, hurt, and worthless. I feel like no one cares for me anymore. I just don't know what to do.

          Last but, not least the third cut… I want to die.



A/N: Yea, it's sad but, I just wanted to let you know if your going through what the character is going through or if the situation is similar you can talk to me anytime! :D

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