Keeping My Distance

Lalvia Monroe is a girl that has been badly bullied by some people at school, she self-harms and cry's her self to sleep every night. She has also, been getting weird dreams and visions by her grandmother that has passed away five years ago. She has been getting warnings by her grandmother that she needs to leave but, when a new man enters her life… she's not so sure she wants to leave.


20. Epilogue


                                             One Month Later

"Conner, will you take Lalvia Evelyn Monroe to be your wife?"

   "I do," he said smiling at me with his beautiful smile.

    "Lalvia, do you take Conner Xavier Brody to be your husband?"

     "I do," I said with tears in my eyes.

      "You may kiss the bride."

      Conner leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. Everyone cheered as I smiled against his lips.

    A lot has happened. I'm just blessed that's it's all done and over with.

    Daniel is going to be in jail for thirty two years. He deserved it. He killed my mom and tried to kill me hurting Conner on the way.

    The other guys that were with Daniel have been put in jail for five years. I think they deserve more years but, oh well.

    Conner went to the hospital but, finally recovered a few weeks after he has been shot. 

    Keenly finally got his foot checked out and now he has to be on crutches for a while.

    Huntley understood what he was getting himself into and now he decided to change his bad persona to a good one. He gives to the charity and help out at the church.

    It turns out my dad have been kidnapped once again but, we got him out. He's doing alright now. He couldn't be a better dad.

    And me on the other hand couldn't be any happier.


He spinned me around as we were laughing and singing on the top of our lungs on the balcony of our hotel. He wrapped his arms around me from behind. "How do you like our honeymoon so far?" He asked.

    I looked up and smiled at him. "Just the thought of being with you for the rest of my life makes me happy."



                                                      The End!!!!!!




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