Keeping My Distance

Lalvia Monroe is a girl that has been badly bullied by some people at school, she self-harms and cry's her self to sleep every night. She has also, been getting weird dreams and visions by her grandmother that has passed away five years ago. She has been getting warnings by her grandmother that she needs to leave but, when a new man enters her life… she's not so sure she wants to leave.


10. Cigarettes, guns, and surprises

"You better be right," I stated getting out of the car.

    "I'm always right," Conner said with so much confidence in himself.

    "Sure," I scoffed, walking to the cabin.

    He grabbed my forearm making me glance over at him. "Are you crazy? Do you want us to die? I think your dad got kidnapped and I don't think you can just walk in there and say 'hey, you got my dad, let him go,' and he just lets him go. It's not that easy," he ranted.

    "Oh really," I said dramatically. "I was hoping it would work," I sarcastically replied.

     He rolled his eyes. "We need a plan," he stated.

    "Got any ideas?"

    He bit his lip thoughtfully. 'Why do I find that so attractive?' I thought. "I'll get your dad, you just stay here," he stated.

    "Are you stupid? No."

     He stared me down with a small smirk. "Well, what's going to please you? Princess," he chuckled.

     "If we're going to break in…we're going to break in together."

     "What are you saying?" 

     I stopped myself from rolling my eyes. 'This is going to take a while.'


                                      Richard's POV (Lalvia's dad)

"Are you ever going to let me go?" I asked.

    "Eventually," Walter said with a shrug.

     He lighted his cigarette and laid the lighter on the table. He took a puff out of his cigarette staring me down. 

    "I need to tell you what I want from Brody before I let you go."

    "What do you want? So, I can leave."

     "I'm not going to exactly tell you. I'm going to put a tracking advice on you and-" he grabbed my phone, pushing buttons. "I'm going to tell you how to get it. But, there is one last thin-"

     Before Walter could finish his sentence we heard a loud noise and glanced over to the window to only see shards of glass flying everywhere. Before we could all process it, Walter was trampled to the ground by…Conner?

    I glanced over to the window to see my daughter standing there with a smug look on her face. "The door was locked," she shrugged.

    I let out a small chuckle.


                                       Lalvia's POV.

Suddenly Conner got off of the kidnapper and I gasped. I did not gasp because, of how badly Conner's face looked or how the kidnapper is unable to move but, that the kidnapper just so happen to be my ex boyfriend. Conner expected Walter's face and his facial expression turned from anger to shock.

     "Walter?," Conner asked clearly surprised.

     "Don't be so surprised, my dear friend," Walter stated getting up and winced as he did so. 

      "I thought you were in prison!" Conner said with a cold voice. 'Wow, I didn't know he had that in him. I know Conner as a fun-loving type. He has never been the one to have a cold shoulder,' I thought.

      "Ah, well I thought you were still in prison too."

       I glanced over at Conner to see him glaring over at Walter. "It was in the past."

      "Wait, you were in prison?" I had to ask.

       I looked over at Conner to see an expression I never saw Conner give me before…it was between, sadness, hurt, care and… love? 

     "Well, if it isn't for Lalvia," stated Walter like, he have just noticed my presence for the first time tonight. 

     I didn't say anything back as I just kept my eyes on Conner. He kept his face down but, when he looked up at me his face was covered in regret.

     "I miss you Lalve," Walter stated. "I still love you."

      I glanced back to Walter. "I moved on," I sated simply, even though I knew I was lying. "You should too."

      He made no sign of movement but, anger was clear in his eyes. "With who?! You moved on with who?!" his fists was clenched. 

    "Walter, calm do-"

     He took out a gun from his pocket without looking back and shot towards Conner. Gladly, it missed him by an inch. "It's him isn't it?! It's Conner!"

    Out of no where, there was a loud echoing sound throughout the whole cabin. I looked down at Walter's leg and covered my mouth stopping a gasp to escape. I looked at Conner to see a gun in his hand. 'How did he get a gun,' I thought.    




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