You again..?

Rosie Williams left the boy of her dreams(aka her best friend) Zayn Malik to tryout on X factor by himself. The plan was to audition together but she had a good reason to leave. Zayn was crushed but still auditioned. He ended up being put in a band called one direction and they almost won!
After that they never talked. But that was only up to the point where fate has a way of things and she got hit in the face by flying ice cream from a boy with mesmerizing blue eyes. When she realizes he's niall Horan from one direction. She freaks because zayn is in that band. Her feelings come rushing back for him but she starts to take interest in niall. Will she forget about her feelings towards zayn and go for niall? Or forget all about them

A/N:I suck so bad at blurbs. Please just give it a try. This was my first book ever

I walked down the street enjoying the breeze with my dog. when all of a Sudden something cold hit me and fell in my shirt.
" ahh shit thats cold" i screamed very aggravatingly i started to wipe it off with my hand and i noticed it was ice cream.Then a boy came rushing up to me " oh my gosh I'm sorry i didn't mean to hit you i meant to hit my friend and "-I cut him off " well you did and now I'm all sticky and you also made my dog run a away " I snapped at him i finally looked up and took in his appearance he had blond hair and blue eyes and he was wearing a white t- shirt with jeans he was actually very cute and attractive. he also looked vey familiar i must have seen him before.
I snapped out of my trance when he said "here's some napkins and ill help you look for your dog".


3. Chapter 3

Zayn's pov
She told me her name is Rosie Williams.which is true but i thought she would have lied about. She looked furious  and screamed to me "You don't remember me? Cuz i remember you, you were my best friend! I can't believe you don't know me. I smirked and said " i don't  know what your talking about Rosie  aren't you just another fan?. "You asshole i know you remember i can see it in your eyes Zayn. Why? Why don't you want to talk to me ?"  She said with tears in her eyes. "I don't want to talk to you cuz your a bitch. Ok? Get it now? i never want to talk to you ever again. You left me there and you know it".  I replied. Perrie started squeezing my arm and whispered in my ear seductively  " lets go home" I looked down and smiled. " ok new plans everyone, me and Zayn are going home" Perrie said to everyone. I looked at everyone an saw Rosie crying while Niall was comforting her. I felt something in the pit if my stomach when i saw them. Why i have Perrie and i hate rosie. Perrie pulled on my arm " come on". We walked down the street until Rosie ran in front of us. And put a grip on me
"My mum died thats what was so important but you don't Care right cuz you never want to see my face again and I'm a bitch. Well thought you should know"she said and walked away. I stood there in guiltiness
Her mom Laura died? I feel so bad now.

 I looked at Perrie and told her ill be back. I went back and around the corner. I stopped in my tracks because of what i saw. It was niall and Rosie kissing. I felt the same feeling from earlier in my stomach. Am I jealous of them? 
I don't care anymore. I went to Perrie and we went to her place.

Rosie's pov
We both pulled apart from eachother. And was staring in each others eyes.
" I'm hungry " he blurted out with a frown. " that was so random" i said busting out laughing " I know let's go to my favorite restaurant for lunch" he said  

as we were walking we past by the ice cream shop. " oh shit I'm supposed to be at work" i screamed.  i took out my phone and saw it was 2:30 man I'm an hour late fuck!! "Come with me"  I dragged him and went inside. I picked up my uniform and told him to wait.
I ran towards the bathroom, until the manager stopped me. " where have you been Rosie? You were supposed to be here and hour ago". " I know bob and I'm sorry but i got distracted, i got hit with ice cream, met by old best friend again, and lost my dog." I said rambling really fast. " whatever it doesn't matter your fired! " he said angrily and started to walk off. " what bu- " I said your fired now get out of my shop." 


Hey my koalakins like it so far? I don't know about it I think  it sucks but oh well. Do u think she still likes zayn? Or is she gonna stay wih niall 

And I'm posting a new book today it's going to be a Harry styles  fanfiction.

- Olivia 

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