You again..?

Rosie Williams left the boy of her dreams(aka her best friend) Zayn Malik to tryout on X factor by himself. The plan was to audition together but she had a good reason to leave. Zayn was crushed but still auditioned. He ended up being put in a band called one direction and they almost won!
After that they never talked. But that was only up to the point where fate has a way of things and she got hit in the face by flying ice cream from a boy with mesmerizing blue eyes. When she realizes he's niall Horan from one direction. She freaks because zayn is in that band. Her feelings come rushing back for him but she starts to take interest in niall. Will she forget about her feelings towards zayn and go for niall? Or forget all about them

A/N:I suck so bad at blurbs. Please just give it a try. This was my first book ever

I walked down the street enjoying the breeze with my dog. when all of a Sudden something cold hit me and fell in my shirt.
" ahh shit thats cold" i screamed very aggravatingly i started to wipe it off with my hand and i noticed it was ice cream.Then a boy came rushing up to me " oh my gosh I'm sorry i didn't mean to hit you i meant to hit my friend and "-I cut him off " well you did and now I'm all sticky and you also made my dog run a away " I snapped at him i finally looked up and took in his appearance he had blond hair and blue eyes and he was wearing a white t- shirt with jeans he was actually very cute and attractive. he also looked vey familiar i must have seen him before.
I snapped out of my trance when he said "here's some napkins and ill help you look for your dog".


1. Chapter 1

I remember the day i left zayn like the back of my hand. I left because my mom was in the hospital. 




i picked up the phone and answered weakly "hello"? 

"Hi this is Clare from sunny dale hospital are you Rosaline Williams"? She asked uh I hate when people call me by my first name.and why is she calling all the way from Maryland 

"yes this is her " " ok well were calling to inform you that your mother Alanna Williams is in the hospital"she said very bubbly " oh mi gosh she is ? What happened to her " i practically screamed in the phone. Me and my mom don't really talk but I'm still concerned and want to know what happened. why is she so bubbly man i wish i could see this Clare bitch she would be punched in the face." Ok well calm down, she was being chased by police for breaking and entering, and she was on the bridge and her car fell overboard in the water. she almost died from drowning, but there doing procedures." I didn't realize i was crying until she asked if I'm alright? After that i hung up immediately. Man i have to tell zayn the auditions are tommorrow no I'm not going to the him he'll Come with me. I then ran to my bag and started stuffing all my clothes in. 


That day my mom died. I was so sad no one was there to see her die except me. My dad and my brother both left us and I didn't want to call. I just left zayn there to audition but i watched the season on tv . He was really good he got put into a band with 4 other boys there  called one direction. They won !! And I haven't seen zayn since I really miss him we were best friends and i had a secret crush in him since we first met

Authors note

this story sucks right? I think I'm going to take it down and sorry for any errors.



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