A girl, Jasmine Firn, meets two special boys when running from mutant hunters. Victor Creed and James Howlett as children. OOC, possibly. OC/?


2. Found You

June 15, 1975


I’ve been working for Stryker for a while now, and have met the team. There’s Zero, the oriental-looking guy, he’s great at aiming any type of projectile-launching thing. Then there’s Wade, a swordsman who never shuts up. There’s Bradley, he’s a technopath, and I call him Bratley. Over there, the blonde is Fred. He’s got superstrength and a super ego. He’s a total perv, too. The guys call me Jazz, and I’m fine with it, but Stryker hates it. I think he’s jealous. I’m just kidding. I don’t know why he hates it, but he does.

Anyway, speaking of Stryker, he’s off getting two more guys for the team. He usually takes Zero and I, but chose to go alone this time. I wonder why..

I look up from my book and see Johnny, a teleporter and a friend. “Hey, Jazz. What are ya readin’?” I hold up the cover and show him. “You’re reading Alice in Wonderland again?

I grin sheepishly, white teeth sparkling. “It’s good.” I pause. “Just wait a few years, they’ll come out with a better movie version.” He rolls his eyes and tells me not to hold my breath.

The guys, by the way, think I’m Stryker’s human assistant, no mutant genes, but in all truth, I’m what he calls a ‘supermutant’. It’s because I have more than one ability.

I hear footsteps, and smell three familiar scents. Two I haven’t smelled in a long time, the other is Stryker’s. The other two have changed since I smelled them last...The door opens and in walks the Major, and-- Victor and James?

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