Oblivious: torn and hurt

Why were there so many fears in her life? Why was she so depressed and scared?
Why did she always feel so lonely?
Why did she listen to depressing music?
Why did her questions have no answers?
Why, why, why?

"I don't understand."

Her parents or friends never see. No one does. Everyone's just oblivious.


3. 3- So fast

The next years went by with no possible memories Cayla could remember. It was all the same, the fights, forgiving. Everything was just the same. Cayla was happy. Cayla had everything she wanted. Cayla was obsessed with a website called Ameba Pico, and finished all her homework so she could come and play. One day she came home and noticed that everyone on the virtual world was acting crazy. Cayla loved the game because it was like real life and she was like a different person. Cayla soon found out her favorite game had closed down. Cayla was so upset. The next day Cayla went home and finished her homework and sat down putting her hands on her head because she missed her game. Her mother came into her room and sat down on her bed. "Cayla, your school is closing down." Her mother said. Cayla looked at her mother. Her school can't close down, could it? Cayla started tearing. She knew her mother would never joke like that. Every friend she had at least had one person to hang out with in their new school. Except her. Cayla had no one.

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