Oblivious: torn and hurt

Why were there so many fears in her life? Why was she so depressed and scared?
Why did she always feel so lonely?
Why did she listen to depressing music?
Why did her questions have no answers?
Why, why, why?

"I don't understand."

Her parents or friends never see. No one does. Everyone's just oblivious.


2. 2- First-second grade regrets.

Cayla's POV

My best friend Ashley, came out of school with me. She hated this kid in our class named Lawrence. So she decided that we should get him in trouble. I agreed to it and she ran up to her mom and she was like "Lawrence looked up my dress." They set up a meeting with the principal the next day. We were in the room and I lied I said that Lawrence looked up Ashley's dress when no one was looking. Lawrence stood up for himself and said he didn't. I didn't really feel bad cause Lawrence was mean. Lawrence didn't come back to school. Ashley told some girls in our class that we got Lawrence expelled. I felt so guilty after that. It never left my mind.

Ashley's POV

We got Lawrence expelled!! It was great, Cayla lied so great. She's such a good friend. I'm just so happy he isn't bothering us anymore. I'm going to miss cayla though I have to move next year to PA we will still keep in contact though. I already made her a scrap book with all our favorite memories

Ashley left the school but Cayla was fine. It isn't effecting her so greatly since she has many friends. Soon though Cayla wouldn't be with those friends. She would be, Alone.

Hi guys I hope you like my book so far I'm only going to write authors note that are important from now on but like favorite my books even if you don't like them. Lol jk but comment anything u want luv ya


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