Oblivious: torn and hurt

Why were there so many fears in her life? Why was she so depressed and scared?
Why did she always feel so lonely?
Why did she listen to depressing music?
Why did her questions have no answers?
Why, why, why?

"I don't understand."

Her parents or friends never see. No one does. Everyone's just oblivious.


1. 1- Her life (prologue)

Please read the authors note at the end of the chapter it's crucial to ur EXISTANCE or else Ull be soooo lost in a fantasy of unicorns and dragons fights it sounds great but trust me it's not. I know. Anyway enjoy ur reading :3

Cayla was a ordinary girl you could say. Except the fact she was far from ordinary. She didn't have a major life trauma or got hit by a car or some other thing, yet she was majorly depressed. She was normal you could say up until fourth grade she had been in the same school all her life. Like any other girl she had made friends, had fights, crushes, and other normal little kid dramas. When she was going into pre-k for the first time she gripped onto her mothers leg and said "don't let them take me." She soon got use to it and made friends. Cayla was a very intelligent child and was very smart. She was also a little troublemaker. She talked back to her kindergarten teacher and got a note home. Her mother picked her up from school and she asked her mother to roll down the window. Her mother did it and was about to pull of but she saw her daughter throw out the little note. She obviously made her pick it up. And little cayla was caught. Her life was great, all the teachers loved her, great student, never got in trouble. Although in 3 grade she did something she really regretted. She made up a lie that effected someone's entire life.

Authors note** please read important**

This is my first movella and I know I never read the authors note but maybe if I write some random big word it'll cause people to read it. PENGUINSSSSS. Anyway I'm your author and I hope I'm doing good if you HVE any comments or anything to help me write please let me know. I will be updating as fast as I can but I have a lot of school work. And I'm going to start updating on my computer cause it's really hard on my phone. Anyway love ya people I never met it's not going to be boring promise


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