2. first day

Ella's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off. Ugh, today is the first day of school. Yay. Why did summer have to go by so fast? Now Lesley and I are juniors. I look over to her side of the room to see her snoring. And yes, we live in the same house since we argued to are parents about how we are old enough to live on our own so far we are proving them wrong because everything is perfect. I walk over to her bed and shake her while shouting "Come on we don't want to be late, I will leave you here if I have too". We also share a red convertible. She just groans and says "Fine". We get dressed in silence, I put on a white t-shirt that says "Diva" written in cursive on it, my favorite jeans, my black high heels, and some makeup then I go brush my teeth and wash my face. Once I'm done with my breakfast I go to the convertible and wait for Lesley. She runs over in her gray shirt with a purple heart in the middle, her black jeans, and her purple High Tops. "Let's go!" She says extremely loud while she buckles in her seatbelt I reply by starting the car. It took about 10min to get to school, the whole car ride Lesley is talking about who might have a crush on her. Lesley is very pretty so she's probably going to have way more than one person crushing on her. I don't care who has a crush on me I only care about my grades which are all A's. When we get there five of our best friends are there to greet us, their names are Cydney, Melody, Natalie, Allysa, and Yadira. Like always Melody starts the conversation "Hey girls! What's going on?" I answer "Nothin much, how about you guys?" Cydney replies "Same thing" Lesley says "That's a problem" Cydney puts a confused look on her face "What? Why?" Lesley replies "We all need more drama!" And to that we all start laughing while walking in the school and off I go to English class.

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