By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

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41. 36. Waking up alone

Chapter 36 - Waking up alone

Tessa woke up a couple of hours later when she felt her bed dipping. A muscular arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer.  „Are you awake love?” A raspy voice asked and Tessa could easily smell the alcohol of his breath. „Yeah,” she simply stated and felt her breath hitch as his lips reached her neck. Harry snuggled closer to her. „I’m sorry for bailing on you tonight,” he slurred as his hands moved her t-shirt and stroked her bare hip. „Well we didn’t really have an agreement about meeting but I still had this hope about you showing up you know?” Tessa yawned. „I know, I wanted to spend tonight with you as well - but I got caught up with Taylor, sorry babe,” he pulled her even closer and his steady heartbeat made her relax again.

„You know, you should just stay in London then you could be here when we get back from tour,” Harry suggested. „I can’t, you know that,” she lightly shook her head. Harry ran his fingers down her thigh. „Why not? Why are you leaving me here?” He slurred. „I’m not - you’re going on tour anyways - what do you want me to do, just stay here alone and wait for you?” She asked frustrated. „Yeah, why not? Then you wouldn’t be in New York all the time - am I not important to you?” „That’s not fair Harry!” She suddenly felt the anger evidently. „Why not? I’m going to miss you,” he pouted. „Because I’m not asking you to drop the world tour with your four best mates just so you could stay here with me,” she explained as her entire body stiffened.

„That’s not the same,” Harry argued. Even though Tessa found this argument silly she still felt her heart warm at the thought of him wanting her to stay. „How exactly is that different? You are following your dreams and I’m going to follow my dreams as well - and none of us are willing to give up on that,” she explained and turned around to face the curly haired man in her bed. „Touché,” he just simply said and sent her an innocent smile that wiped away all her worries. He gently kissed her lips and then she turned back around. „Besides, I don’t really know what we are doing right now - I mean you’re with Kendall in public but still you’re right here in my bed,” Tessa said mostly to herself, and the only answer she got was a light snoring. Harry had fallen asleep.

Even though Tessa also was trying to fall asleep it wouldn’t succeed. She tossed and turned and even with the calming arm around her waist, she couldn’t sleep. She knew this was some of the last moments she would have with Harry before leaving and she was scared of missing anything. Despite what her head was telling her about running away fast and without looking back, then her heart was begging for her to stay put in his arms.

She wasn’t ready to leave him - but she wasn’t ready to trust her heart with him either. It was in this moment Tessa realised how much Mike had actually damaged her. She felt broken and small - and even though she knew she could trust Harry, she still had this pit in her stomach wondering how she could possibly trust a guy known to the entire would as the biggest heart-throb out there. She did her routine checks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and before setting her alarm she posted a tweet. Thank you for having me London - and thank you for an amazing last night guys xx She attached a picture of her and the girls dancing from the club - and the comments immediately started coming.

When Harry’s alarm rang Tessa didn’t react - since she had almost just fallen asleep. Harry didn’t want to wake her because he had this feeling in his gut that she had been thinking about last night and failing to fall asleep. He hadn’t expected time to fly by that fast talking to Taylor - but she had been distressed and desperate so Harry didn’t feel like he could just leave her. Now he wished he had - because he was leaving for rehearsal and Tessa was leaving for good - he had wasted their last time together with another girl, who had been desperate for him. Taylor had spent their night together talking about how she had realised they belonged together and she was very persuasive. After every drink her arguments seemed more sensible - but now that Harry was sober and quite hung-over, he knew it wasn’t the truth, because he belonged with this fragile girl who fit so perfectly in his arm.

He got up and felt his heart ache just by the thought of her leaving. He then reached up to grab his paper airplane necklace which he often did when he was deep in thought. This gave him an idea and he quickly took it off before placing it around a sleeping Tessa’s neck.  The necklace fell down on her chest and Harry knew it was right where it belonged - he wanted her and he needed her in his life. This made him make a spontaneous decision and he quickly wrote a note, which he left at her nightstand. He then kissed her cheek and stroked her hair before leaving her behind and meeting at the O2 for rehearsal with the boys.

When Tessa woke up she immediately noticed the absent of warmth from Harry’s arm around her and his body next to her. She reached for her phone to turn off her alarm and noticed how her notifications once again had gone wild. Since she had been in various magazines with Harry and the rest of the band, and of course her other famous friends, people had started to take more interest in her life - not only in the fashion aspect anymore but also regarding her friends and everyday-life, which upon Tessa’s opinion was none of their business.

As Tessa sat up she noticed the unfamiliar small weight on her chest and smiled when she saw Harry’s necklace - he must have put it on while she was still sleeping. But this thought quickly made her smile fade. That meant he had already left and he hadn’t even bothered to say goodbye. Tessa rapidly got up and changed from her t-shirt to a pair of black high-waisted shorts and a Hard Rock Café t-shirt. Just before grabbing her bag and leaving the room she noticed the note on her nightstand.

She recognized the handwriting, it was clearly written by Harry and he had been in a hurry. He had only written a few words but they took Tessa’s breath away and she had to sit down on the bed. How could he do this so nonchalant? Why hadn’t he just talked to her face to face instead of writing when he knew they weren’t going to see each other for a while?

The note said:

Didn’t want to wake you but have a safe flight

& make me happy by being mine?

Love H

Author's note

Here's a new chapter to you guys - and I hope you like it!!!
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