By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


39. 34. The boys are crashing

Chapter 34 - The boys are crashing

„You’re definitely the best! Thank you so much for taking care of her,” Louis said as he approached the two girls standing in front of Funky Buddha - he had been sure the place was owned by some Buddhist, nudist something… But apparently not. „You’re welcome Loubear, just bring her home safely,” Tessa teased. „Pinky promise, Paul is waiting for us at the back entrance,” he explained and suddenly Tessa was pulled in for a hug - Zayn and Liam were standing right in front of her. Louis and El said their goodbyes, mostly Louis though since Eleanor was basically sleeping while standing up, and then Zayn and Liam dragged her inside again.

„Where’s the last of you lads?” Tessa asked already searching for a certain curly haired lad in the crowd. „Niall went to look for the girls. Apparently he was hoping one of you were hungry so you could leave this place - since El got sick Louis didn’t let him drive by McDonalds. And ehm, well Harry just kinda disappeared but he’s here somewhere,” Zayn explained and was responded by Tessa nodding.

„Look who I found - a chicka who was hungry,” Niall drunkenly yelled as he was dragging Sophia towards Tessa, Zayn and Liam - Perrie was following them. „Are you hungry babe?” Liam asked and pecked Sophia’s cheek. „Staaaarving,” Sophia chippered. „So are you joining us dear Daddy Direction - or will I be taking your lovely girlfriend out alone?” Niall teasingly wiggled his eyebrows. „I’ll just go and get her jacket - let’s meet outside,” Liam stated and playing smacked the bag of his best friend’s head. „God you’re cheesy Niall,” Sophia giggled and then the three of them said goodbye and left together.

„Well, isn’t this my favourite fiancé?” Zayn asked teasingly and Perrie just giggled at him before being pulled closer to him. He rested his arm around her waist and they had that lovey-dovey atmosphere around them. „I think that’s my cue to leave,” Tessa stated while laughing. She quickly gazed around the club - still looking for Harry but he was nowhere to be seen. Damn, was she just going to go back to their place alone on her last night here? She should just have left with Sophia and the guys then.. „No my beautiful ladies, how about we enjoy this last night together  and then I’ll treat you girls to the bar,” Zayn said and swung his arms around both Perrie’s and Tessa’s shoulders before dragging them towards the bar.

„I can’t believe you’re leaving tomorrow,” Perrie whined and took another sip of her drink - Tessa had already finished hers. „It’s gonna be so quiet without you,” Zayn continued his girlfriend’s speech about all the stuff she was going to miss about Tessa - it had already lasted more than ten minutes, god they were all drunk. Tessa sent them both a genuine smile - she was beyond thankful for their friendship. „Excuse me?” She yelled and hoped one of the random bartenders reacted so she could get a glass of water. She was slowly sobering up and was already dreading the hangover she probably would have tomorrow.

She kept yelling for the bartender but not one of them even looked her way. „Do you need some help to get a drink,” a recognizable voice spoke behind her. She turned around and a huge smile immediately appeared on her lips when she saw the British ginger. „Ed, what are you doing here? And just a water would be nice,” She yelled trying to drown out the music. „Well I’m just here with Taylor and Grimmy, what about you?” Ed asked and signalled to the bartender to come over - not a minute passed before he had two bottles of water in his hands. „Here you go love,” he grinned at Tessa and handed her one of the bottles before opening his own. „Thanks. Your star quality apparently do help when you want something - or perhaps they just couldn’t stand you cupcake face,” she joked before explaining this was her last night in London, so the girls had went out and the guys had just joined them.

Half an hour later Zayn, Perrie, Ed and Tessa were all seated at a table - Perrie and Zayn completely preoccupied with their own conversation. „Are you ready to take New York?” He asked genuinely interested. „I’m a bit nervous actually. I’m not quite how to handle everything once I arrive - I’m mean I’m practically going to be living my dream. I’m scared it will all fall apart once I really start living, you know,” she explained. Tessa hadn’t really talked about her concerns with anyone until now - because she knew how they others would try to convince her to stay, and she was scared Ed was going to as well but she had to discuss this with someone and he seemed trustable. „Of course you’re scared. You just found yourself a real home - not just a place to live, and now you have to pick up everything and start over in New York. You would be crazy if you weren’t scared. But you know that you can do this right? Just believe in yourself and trust your guts Tessa, that’s what has gotten you this far, so you must be doing something right,” Ed reassured.

„And besides, no matter what happens you have a lot of amazing people who care about you - and who will always be there for you,” he continued. „Yeah, I really have a lot of amazing friends,” she smiled at the thought. „True, you’ve got amazing friends but you’ve also got Harry,” Ed said and grinned at her. „By the way where is he tonight?” „I actually don’t know, he arrived with the boys but I haven’t seen him at all,” the sparkled in her eye that had appeared the moment his name had been mentioned now faded away - and not without Ed noticing it. „I’m sure he’s here somewhere - he probably got caught up with Grimmy or someone, I have to introduce you guys something - he’s always a blast to be around,” Ed said.

„Babe we’re going to go back home now - are you coming with or waiting for Harry?” Perrie asked. „Give me a sec - I’ll just try calling him,” Tessa replied and dialled his number. No answer. „I left him a message saying I’m leaving with you guys, if you see him would you pass on the message?” Tessa stated - the last part to Ed who nodded before hugging her goodbye. „Let me just go to the toilet, then I’m ready,” Tessa said and got up.  „I will - but if you see him could you tell him, that we really need to talk before he leaves tonight? It’s quite important, regarding some new music we’re working on,” Ed explained. „If I see him, I’ll make sure he doesn’t leave without talking to you,” she said with a small smile on her face. Tessa left Perrie and Zayn with Ed before searching for the toilet. As she got closer to the toilet Tessa’s smile turned into a frown. How could she not have noticed Harry standing there - right in the middle of the crowd? With Taylor Swift’s arm around him.

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