By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


38. 33. Girls' night out

Chapter 33 - Girls’ night out

„Tonight is going to be soooo much fun,” Perrie screamed and took another sip of her beer. „Yeah, we really have to enjoy our last night together,” Eleanor stated while reapplying her mascara - both Sophia and Barbara were dancing around in Tessa’s room. She groaned before once again going through her closet hoping to find something to wear tonight. Tessa had practically spent every waken hour the last couple of days at the Vogue office to get everything ready for her move to New York - and when she finally was home again the boys were practicing for their world tour, so she had hoped Harry and her could have had tonight for themselves. She knew it was selfish since he had this huge fanbase he would hate to disappoint and of course his four best friends with him on stage - but still this was her last night in London before flying out to New York, and she didn’t know when she would come back again. What if she never did come back? Sure Harry and the boys were preforming in New York so they would see each other again, but how about after this? The girls could fly out all the time if the wanted, but One Directions spare time was almost non-existent. What would happen?

„I found it,” Tessa happily exclaimed as she held the white bralet dress close to her petite body. She rapidly got changed and started to apply her makeup while her friends were already drinking. „Babe, that dress is hugging your curves all the right ways!” Perrie giggled and lied down on the bed. „Hey haven’t I seen you in that before?” Barbara asked and gave her the full on elevator gaze, from head to toe and up again. „I don’t think so, I’ve never worn it,” Tessa shrugged. „Oh weren’t you at the Billboard Awards? Kylie borrowed it to wear it at the show, so you probably saw it on her,” she explained when she remembered Kylie Jenner stopping by before flying back to the states and attended the award show in full on crisis about what to wear. „Oh my god, I LOVED THAT DRESS,” Eleanor dramatically said and toasted with Sophia who yelled at the girls to ‘bottom up’ their drinks. This was going to be an unforgettable evening.

„I can’t believe you - are you seriously asking me for ID? I mean, don’t you know who I am?” Perrie spat at the doorman and Tessa was observing everything feeling quite shocked. What the hell was going on? „I’m so sorry mam, but I really need to see a driver’s license or something like that - or I can’t let you guys in,” he stuttered and avoided our gaze. „Jeez, take a chill pill - I’m just kidding dude - here you go,” Perrie couldn’t contain her laugher anymore and Tessa was relieved to all of that just being an act. Drunken Perrie was actually pretty fun. „You go giiiiirlie,” Sophia yelled before showing her ID and running into Funky Buddha while almost falling in her insanely high heels. Barbara and Eleanor both quickly followed her to the dance floor but Perrie grabbed Tessa’s arm to stop her. „We are going to the bar,” she stated and pointed towards the bar.

„This is the best night ever,” Perrie screamed as both she and Tessa met up with their friends on the dance floor. „And this is the best song ever,” Barbara joked as One Direction blasted out of the speakers - and then the awfully loud sing-along began. „AND WE DANCED ALL NIGHT, TO THE BEST SONG EVER, WE KNEW EVERY LINE, NOW I CAN’T REMEMBER,” the girls drunkenly sang and they stayed on the dance floor as the night got longer, only being interrupted by bartenders delivering both drinks and shots to the beautiful group of friends.

„It’s going to be okay El, just let it out - I’ve got you hair,” Tessa comforted Eleanor while she was throwing up all the alcohol she had consumer during the night. „But it’s your last night babe - I don’t want to miss my last minutes with you,” Eleanor slurred. A small smile formed on Tessa’s lips - she had gotten the most amazing friends. „Don’t worry about it, just let me call Louis and then he’ll come and pick you up. Remember you’re always welcome to come crash at my place in New York,” Tessa caringly stroked her back until Eleanor agreed.

„Hey pretty girl - it’s your Loubear here,” Louis flirtingly replied the phone. „Ehm hi Louis, it’s Tessa calling from El’s phone”. Louis threw a fit of laughter. „Where’s the love of my life then?” He asked when he finally had recovered. „Louis, are you drunk?” Tessa asked slightly confused - wasn’t the boys supposed to rehearse tonight? Wasn’t that why Harry couldn’t be here? „Actually yeah. We finish practicing early so we’re on the way over to you guys at The Funny Nudist, right boys?” He asked and Tessa heard the boys agreeing in the background. „Don’t you mean Funky Buddha?” Tessa giggled and felt the burn down her throat as she took another sip of her drink. „Potato potato - why are you calling anyways?” And just as she was about to answer she heard Niall in the background: „Potatoes? Are we stopping to eat on the way?” And she could definitely imagine the Christmas lights in his eyes. „Sorry to ruin your buzz, but Eleanor isn’t feeling quite well - so I just wanted to hear if I should bring her home or if you’re coming to pick her up?” Tess explained. „It’s your last night Tessa - don’t worry about it I’ll come and take her home,” he said and blew her a kiss through the phone.

„Hi guys, I’ll just grab Eleanor and go outside to wait for Louis and the guys - apparently they finished rehearsing early and their coming here to join our awesome party,” Tessa explained as she found the girls, still on the dance floor, while practically carrying El around. „I should probably go home and crash as well - how about I just follow you guys outside and grab a cab,” a now more sober Barbara suggested - and the rest of the girls hugged her goodbye before heading to the bar. Together Tessa and Barbara lifted Eleanor all the way to the wardrobe to get her jacket and then they dragged her outside.

„Louis should be here any minute you can just go home - we’ll be fine I promise,” Tessa confirmed when Barbara was reluctant to leave them alone. „Fine, but promise we’ll keep in touch - Skype, Twitter, Facebook anything… I just had so much fun with you,” Barbara said and pulled Tessa in a hug, which almost caused Eleanor to fall over but they just caught her in the air. „Promise, and drop by when you walking all those insanely long runways in New York,” Tessa persisted. With a nod, a smile and another hug Barbara was gone and Tessa was left with a half-asleep Eleanor Calder. 

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