By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


35. 30. Room service

Chapter 30 - Room service

Tessa woke up with a blissful smile on her face. Harry and she had stayed in yesterday watching movies and ordering room service and just enjoying each other’s company. She had felt this constant urge to pinch herself just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, but their shared gentle kisses and heated night together had undoubtable been real - real and amazing. Tessa was pulled away from her recall of last night’s events when a certain someone tightened his arms around her waist and nuzzled even closer to her. For the next couple of minutes Tessa just lied there loving the feeling of being in Harry’s arms. She slowly turned around to face the curly haired boy besides her and just by one glance at him her heart was burning. A huge smile erupted on her face. Tessa carefully reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. „Babe,” his raspy voice interrupted her actions and she rested her hand on his bare chest. „Are you just gonna stare at me all day?” He asked without even opening his eyes - which only if possible made Tessa’s smile even wide. „That sounds fine by me,” She replied and quickly pecked his lips without giving him time to react to her touch.

Harry instantly pulled her closer and gave her a long and loving kiss. He finally opened his eyes and took in every little detail about the girl in his arms. She was so beautiful - he couldn’t even believe he had been lucky enough to have her here with him after everything that happened. „I’m in love with you Tess,” his whispered in her ear and enjoyed the sight of the goosebumps appearing on her skin - she always reacted to him. „And I’m in love with you,” she replied the happiness evident in her voice. Right now everything felt so right as if nothing could ever go wrong. They both knew this happiness probably wouldn’t last eternal - but the shared a common hope about being wrong.

Harry gently placed small kisses all over Tessa and teasingly tickled her sides. „Harry stop it,” she squealed and tried to get away from his grab. „I’m serious - stop, stop!” She laughed and finally he did but only to continue the small kisses. „Thank you for last night love, it was truly amazing,” he grinned. Tessa felt her cheeks redden by the thought of the night they spend together. „You’re welcome, I very much enjoyed it,” she said and sent him a jokingly wink. „Or so that you did? Well then maybe we need to repeat the success,” Harry stated while smirking and pulling this mesmerizing girl on top of him. Tessa giggled and tightened the sheet around her naked body.  „That sounds perfectly fine to me Hazza,” Tessa answered smiling. Her platinum blond hair fell down in his face, so he gently tucked it behind her ear, so the waves naturally fell down her bare back. Once again their lips reattached.

„If you call room service and order some breakfast then I’ll hit the shower,” Harry said before flooding her with pecks. „Harry,” Tessa giggled and covered her eyes as Harry got up from bed in his full glory. „What aren’t you just loving the view?” He asked and smirked at her, which she noticed since she of course was peeking between her fingers - I mean who wouldn’t have been?

Tessa really tried to think of some awesome comeback - but nothing was coming to mind, probably because of the naked distraction in front of her. „Just hit the shower Styles,” she said trying to sound nonchalant. „Or what?” Harry challenged her. Tessa quickly grabbed her phone from the nightstand. „Or I’ll snap a picture of you and post it on Twitter - wouldn’t all of your Directioners just loooove that?” She jokingly threatened - but before she could do anything Harry had run off to the bathroom and she could clearly hear the shower running.

„Harry, the waffles are here,” Tessa yelled as she heard knocks on the room door. She quickly got up from bed and tightened the sheet around her still naked body - she had just stayed in bed watching TV as Harry had gotten up to shower. Tessa placed herself half hidden behind the door since she didn’t want any more rumors - not giving the hotel staff a chance to snitch and then she opened the door. The waiter she had expected to deliver their waffles was nowhere to be seen - and instead four of her best lads were standing right in front of her.

Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall, all greeted her without noticing her lack of clothes and entered the hotel room - shutting the door behind them. Tessa tried to avoid any eye contact: „Hey guys, I… erm, I wasn’t expecting you. I kinda thought you were room service”. „Erm, guys - maybe we should just wait outside for Harry,” Louis stated and awkwardly looked away from Tessa, as he noticed she wasn’t wearing anything but a sheet. Niall was already checking the kitchen for food and turned around to answer. „Why would we do that?” He asked before glancing towards Tessa and her bed hair. „Probably a good idea,” Zayn said and uncomfortably scratched the back of his neck. „Oh,” Liam stated finally understanding - and just as he was about to place his hand on the door handle as Harry excited the bathroom - only wearing a towel.

„Guys, what are you doing here?” He asked flustered and suddenly felt protective as he saw Tessa’s appearance. He quickly stepped in front of her body and then aimed his full attention towards his lads. „We called you like a thousand times - we need you to come and record the chorus and you solo, then our next single will be done,” Zayn explained and felt slightly torn between being happy for his friends' reunion and concerned about Tessa perhaps being hurt in the future. „But know we understand why you were too busy to answer,” Louis stated smirking followed by Niall wolf whistling. Harry was just about to deliver a sick comeback but he was interrupted by another knock on the door. „Hopefully its room service this time - I think our big enough for now,” Harry snickered before opening the door.

The room service guy tried to avoid staring at the crowd, he just nervously placed the food cart in the middle of the room and quickly left the room - but he just made time to check out Tessa which didn’t go unnoticed by Harry. „Out!” He just roared and shut the door right in the guy’s face. „Chill dude,” Liam stated and was ready to restrain him - but it wasn’t necessary since the simple gesture Tessa made by grabbing his hand and intervening their fingers made him relax. When the guys observed this they all raised an eyebrow, now they realized how much the couple actually cared for each other - and how right they were together.

„Well I’ll just get changed them - how about you guys just wait in the car?” Harry practically ordered. „But Harry, there are a ton of crazy fans down their - they even tried to steal Liam’s ear!” Niall whined but all he earned was a small slap on the back of his head. „I don’t care,” Harry said and opened the door - again standing in front of Tessa. The guys finally gave in but before leaving Niall grabbed a waffle and wiggled his eyebrows at his good friend. „You don’t have time for a quickie - or breakfast so I’ll just help you with this one,” he said and took a huge bite.  Fortunately Liam came back and dragged him out of the room before Harry had time to answer and with an apologetic look all of Harry’s bandmates had left.

„Well, that was… Awkward,” Tessa said and let go of Harry’s hand to go change. She slip on a fresh pair of underwear and a simple black maxi dress before putting her bed hair in a messy bon. „Yeah, definitely. But I guess now they all know we’re back together,” Harry said and pecked her lips - now in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. He then struggled a bit to get his black skinny jeans on, which caused Tessa to laugh. „If I didn’t have to go down in the studio - I would totally have made you pay for laughing at me,” he smiled and grabbed a random sweatshirt, his wallet and phone. He rushed out the door without saying goodbye, and Tessa sat down in front of the TV and took a bit of her waffle. Suddenly the door opened again and Harry was back. „I forgot something,” he stated and walked towards her. „What?” She asked confused and didn’t have time to react before his lips met hers. They tasted like sugar. „Bye love,” he then said and once again he rushed out.

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