By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

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33. 28. Confession time

Chapter 28 - Confession time

When Zayn opened the door to Tessa’s hotel room, he was practically attacked by her small frame. Her arms were around him before he was even able to register her opening the door, but of course he instantly pulled her closer. „It’s gonna be okay Theresa - I promise you,” he muttered in her hair and neither of them moved. „They all think I’m some kind of cheating hore - they think I did this to him, but still… They have no idea what he put me through,” Tessa whimpered and fought the tears appearing in her eyes. Zayn gently stroked her cheek before pulling her inside and closing the door. „What happened between the two of you?” He quietly asked when the silence had filled the room for long enough. „You don’t know about the deal?” Tessa asked both confused and relieved - Zayn hadn’t betrayed her trust, which meant the other boys perhaps didn’t know either. He slowly shook his head. „He… Well Harry…”. She couldn’t do it. She still cared for him to much to sell him out to one of his best friends. „If he hasn’t told you then I probably shouldn’t either,” she explained and avoided his gaze. Zayn opened his mouth as to try and convince her to tell him everything - but before he got the chance the door was ripped open. And Harry Styles had arrived.

Harry had this entire speech planned out where he was going to explain and apologize to Tessa - but when he saw her his was lost for word. He noticed the tearstains on her cheeks and this made him freeze. How could he ever make this right again? „Harry, what are you doing here?” Tessa asked sounding fragile and weak - even though she clearly was trying to seem strong. „Yeah Harry - did you follow me or something?” Zayn accused. „I just really need to talk to you Tess - it’s not what you think. I promise, if you’ll just listen to me please,” he started babbling. „Why should I? How can I know you not just filling me with lies?” She asked trying to contain herself - all she wanted to do was to run towards him and jump in his arms. „I don’t know - but I promise I won’t”. He looked around the room and wondered if she was spending all of her savings to be able to afford living here. „Hey, you can call Louis - you know he just wants to best for you, so if he tells you to listen then you would, wouldn’t you?” Harry’s eyes lit up at the idea. „Louis knows? Does the other guys know?” Shea sked and felt her heartache even more. „Louis found out - I didn’t tell anyone I swear,” Harry explained while Zayn observed the two of the puzzled by whatever there was going on. Harry feared that she was going to kick him out - or rather make Zayn do so, but when she reached for her phone he felt a stone drop from his heart.

Tessa’s fingers were shaking while she was dialing Louis number - hoping by some miracle Louis would make it clear to her if Harry just had been playing her all this time, or if she had misunderstood something. He wouldn’t keep trying if he didn’t really care, would he? „What’s up Tessa?” Louis happily replied as he answered the phone. „I kinda need to talk to you… About Harry,” she answered and sent Harry a nervous glance before walking into her bedroom and shutting the door behind her. „Yeah, what about him?” Louis asked - and he failed to hide the anxiety in his voice. „He told me that you know… You know about his deal with Management - and he wants to explain so should I let him?” Tessa said and nervously tapped her fingers on her bedside table while sitting on her bed. Louis didn’t answer at first but when Tessa said his name he finally reacted. „Yeah of course you should let him explain - he really cares about you Tessa, just let him tell you what it’s all about,” he said. Tessa slowly nodded and didn’t think further about him not being able to see her. „Louis, why didn’t you tell me? I mean I know you’re his best friend but still... How come you didn’t at least tell me to be careful around him?” She asked sounding so broken. Louis hesitated for a second. „It just wasn’t my place to tell - he was just scared of losing you, how ironic right? But he really wanted to though Tessa he just didn’t know how to tell you,” Louis trailed off. They quickly exchanged their goodbyes before Tessa went back to Zayn and Harry.

„You should probably leave,” Tessa quietly said. Harry bowed his head in defeat but was gladly surprised when she opened her mouth again. „I promise I’ll call you if I need anything Zayn - but right now I just have to listen to whatever Harry has got to say,” she continued. Tessa had been overthinking every possible explanation in her head - and she really needed to know what went wrong between them. „What?” Both Zayn and Harry asked at once - and observed each other with surprise. She just quickly nodded feeling sure of herself before hugging Zayn and showing him to the door. „Take care Theresa and don’t hesitate to call me,” Zayn whispered in her ear before giving Harry a small nod and leaving the two of them alone.

„Sooo,” Tessa dragged out trying to encourage Harry to start talking. „Can we sit?” Harry asked almost face palming himself for not saying something more romantic or intelligent. „I prefer standing, but sure you can sit down,” she answered and motioned towards the chair. Harry slightly shook his head and started pacing around the room. „I really need to know something. Did Management force you to date me because of your image?” She asked not really sure about wanting to know the answer. Harry instantly fixed his gaze upon her. „Is that what you have been thinking?” He asked suddenly understanding her reaction towards everything. Tessa nodded her head before tarring her gaze from his bright green orbs. „I promise that’s not what’s going on,” he explained and Tessa was suddenly filled with relief. „Then I really don’t get it - I heard your phone call what was it about?” She couldn’t contain her curiosity. Tessa finally sat down at the dinner table and Harry imitated her movements. „Management had been trying to set me up with several celebrities to better my image - and I kept declining. After everything with Taylor I wasn’t interested in a public relationship and I didn’t care about the way people saw me - I just wanted to stop hurting so as you know I didn’t behave that well and of course the press noticed. When I met you I knew I was acting awful towards you - but I couldn’t deal with caring again. Then we got to know each other and I suddenly knew you were here to get me through this. You became my friend and I became yours, something I think we both needed at the time - but then I started to really like you and Management was concerned about me screwing up,” Harry explained and reached out to grab her hand. She automatically reacted by pulling her hand back but when she saw the hurt in his eyes she carefully intertwined their fingers and just that light touch made her heart flutter. „Well after our date they called me in for that meeting, you remember?” Tessa silently nodded. „They kept preaching about how when, not if but when, I screwed this up they would be the ones who had to fix my mess. They forced me to take this girl out so the media would think we dated - but I swear it’s not you. That’s the reason we had to stay out of the media’s spotlight and lay low. I didn’t want too - I promise you Tess, but it was the best thing to do for the band,” he explained. Tessa tried to take it all in but found it difficult to understand. She suddenly felt the need for tea.

„Who’s the chick?” Tessa tried to sound nonchalant as she asked the question that had kept nagging her before taking a sip of her tea. „Just please don’t blame her. She’s just doing this as a friendly favor and for more job opportunities,” Harry explained. „I’ll try to see things from her point of view,” Tessa replied and waited for his answer.

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