By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

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30. 26. The Four Seasons

Chapter 26 - The Four Seasons
Zayn had been counting down the minutes since Harry had hung up on him - and soon the hour he had promised him would be up. How was he going to explain this to Perrie when he didn’t even know the details? All he knew was that Harry, as Zayn had worried about, had hurt Tessa. Zayn feared Harry would fall back into his old habits of drinking and sleeping around if Tessa wasn’t in the picture - but mostly he was concerned about Tessa’s wellbeing, she had been through enough.

„What’s on your mind babe? You have that worried furrow on your forehead,” Perrie asked concerned and smoothed the wrinkled. They were walking towards Niall’s car but had intentionally drifted behind the others. When Zayn didn’t answered but just shrugged before looking down at his phone, Perrie sent him and encouraging smile. „Something’s wrong my love - something with Theresa,” he replied and noticed how confusion filled her eyes. „What do you mean? She’s at home with Harry,” Tessa answered. „Well, ‘was home with Harry’ being the correct time - apparently he messed up and she left, in my car,” Zayn explained nervously. „How long has she been gone for?” Perrie asked before she began typing away on her iPhone. „Harry called my exactly an hour ago… I’m so sorry for not telling you earlier, but I promised him he would get an hour to try and fix things,” Zayn asked and scratched the back of his neck while avoiding his girlfriend’s observing gaze. „Don’t worry about that Zayn - I know he’s family and you always have your family’s back, that’s one of the reasons I love you so much,” she answered and pecked his lips. He grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers. „And I love you future Mrs. Malik - and I forgive you for postponing our romantic plans for today - like I know you will, just try and find her please”. „You know me all too well handsome - and don’t worry I’ll find her,” Perrie said before she let go of Zayn’s hand and hailed a cab.

 „Please pick up, pick up, pick up,” Perrie rapidly chanted at the phone. Perrie was so worried about her dearest friend and just when she was about to give up and hang up the phone the dial tone stopped. „Hello? Tessa are you there?” She cautiously asked. „Yeah,” Tessa’s voice sounded hoarse from crying and Perrie could clearly imagine her tearstained face though the phone. „Oh my god, I was so worried about you! What happened? Harry called Zayn but he didn’t explain anything - and where are you?” Perrie franticly questioned her. „Please don’t say his name,” was all the response she got. „Just please tell me where you are? I’m already in a cab I’ll come straight to you,” Perrie tried to calm her down. „I’m at Victoria Station… I already bought a ticket home,” Tessa explained and Perrie quickly jumped in: „No Theresa you can’t go home now, you can’t leave. You’re just about to reach your dream you can’t let this break you - whatever he did!” „Don’t worry, right after buying the ticket I remembered I didn’t even have anything to come home too,” she sounded so broken.  „I actually don’t really have anyone at all… Well besides you of course”. Perrie felt her heart break for her best friend: whose family didn’t care, whose ex-boyfriend was abusive and controlling and who just got her heart broken by a guy she was falling in love with. „And the rest of the boys and girls - we’re your family now, remember? And all the friends you’ve gotten from work - they care about you too you know,” Perrie said after giving her destination to the cabdriver.

When Perrie reached Victoria Station she gave the cabdriver too many pounds but was out of the door in inside the station before he had the change to give her his change - she made his day. She let out a sigh of relief as she noticed the lonely girl sitting at a bench with her headset in her ears. She carefully pocked her shoulder to get her attention and was met by a pair of scarred eyes. Tessa slowly pulled her headset out of her ears and stuffed them back in her pocket. „Hi,” she said. Perrie embraced her tightly; and there they stood in the middle of Victoria Station hugging each other for several minutes. „Show me to the car - then we can talk,” Perrie said and grabbed Tessa’s hand. Tessa just nodded and led the way. Perrie got in the driver’s seat without any grumble from Tessa, but as Perrie started the car Tessa opened her mouth. „Please don’t take me back”. Perrie gave her a short nod and dialed a number on her phone.

Tessa didn’t know who Perrie was calling but from the sound of it, she was booking a hotel room. It felt like a huge weight was lifted from Tessa’s shoulders - she didn’t have to go back and face him.  „So… You booked a hotel room?” Tessa asked as Perrie hung up the phone. Perrie just responded by nodding. „At what hotel?” „The Four Seasons” Perrie replied nonchalant. „Perrie - that’s so unnecessary - I can easily live some place cheaper,” Tessa clarified. „I know but this one’s on me, don’t worry about it - it has such a nice view and the rooms are amazing,” Perrie said, and when Tessa once again was about to protest Perrie just raised her hand to stop her. The rest of the drive was filled with silence.

„Wow this is amazing!” Tessa exclaimed and almost dropped her lower jaw. „Welcome to the Grand One-Bedroom Suite,” Perrie said and closed the door after them. The suit was huge and bright and all the furniture was cream colored - a detail Tessa just loved. Perrie dropped down on the couch and turned on the flat screen - that apparently also was a high-tech fireplace. Besides all this the room consisted of a king-size bed, a walking closet and it had its own private terrace - and there was even a spa bath in the bathroom. „This is like a small little house,” Tessa said and tossed herself on the bed. „Well I wasn’t quite sure how long you would be staying here, so I wanted to make sure you would be comfortable”. Tessa smiled at her gratefully. „Could you do me one last favor?” She then asked. „Anything,” Perrie simly stated.  „Could you drive back and get my things? I don’t think I’ll be able to go back right now - and I kind of left in a hurry so I didn’t get any of my belongings with me,” Tessa explained and immediately felt the tears brimming up. „Sure! Why don’t you get in the spa bath? Then I’ll get your stuff and when I come back we can order some food,” Perrie suggested and once again pulled her best friend in a hug to comfort her.

When Tessa had opened to the hot water she dropped her clothing on the floor before grabbing the hotel robe. She was just going to fold her t-shirt when she noticed it was the one that belonged to Harry. She couldn’t bear to look at it but at the same time it was the only real thing she had left of him. She tightened the robe before exiting the bathroom. She luckily just caught Perrie before leaving. „Could you give him this back?” She asked and handed her his t-shirt. „Are you sure about this?” Perrie said but when Tessa whispered a ‘yes’ the Little Mix member simply nodded and left to get Tessa’s belongings. 

Author's note
So Tessa booked into a hotel - what do you guys think will happen next? And what deal is it Zayn has with Management?  Keep commenting and like :-D

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